Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Kichisen 吉泉 Kaiseki@Kyoto ★★★

Best Kaiseki 懷石料理. 3 Michelin Stars. Traditional with a blend of modern elements, adorned with touches of gold. Handcrafted food and absolutely beautiful presentation to perfection. Excellent service. Dinner was 2.5 hours in the private room. 6pm seating. 18000 yen ($125 USD, 2017 pricing) per person for this basic tier menu. Highest tier is around $300.


Futamono – Clear Soup w/ Scallop Dumpling & Yuzu Peels

Mukozuke – Seasonal Sashimi

Mukozuke – Seasonal Sashimi

Mukozuke – Seasonal Sashimi– Maguro & Otoro w/ Chopped Yamaimo


Wagashi served w/ Matcha Tea

Kichisen 吉泉
左京区下鴨 森本町5 Kyoto, 京都府 〒606-0805 Japan
075 711 6121