Thursday, December 31, 2015

Shiroichi 白一@Shibuya ★★★

Famous Super Long Milk Ice in Shibuya. I call it ice rather than ice cream, because it tasted more like ice. Ice that is very smooth and melts in your mouth. Definitely a landmark.

Shiroichi Cone 390 yen ($3.25 USD)

Shiroichi 白一
1-7-7 Jinnan Shibuya Tokyo
東京都 渋谷区 神南 1-7-7 アンドスビル2 1F
03-6416-5574 (+81-3-6416-5574)

Freshly Baked Melon Pan Ice Cream@Shibuya ★★★

Must-Try Melon Ice Cream Bun in Shibuya, Tokyo. Warm, cold, fresh, juicy, and crispy all-in-one. Just need to eat it skillfully. They also sell the bread crumbs for 300 yen.

Freshly Baked Melon Pan Ice Cream w/ Pineapple 450 yen ($3.75 USD)

The Line - about 10-minute-wait

Store Front

World’s Second Best Freshly Baked Melon Pan Ice Cream 世界で2番めにおいしい焼きたてメロンパンアイス 渋谷 公園通店
1-15-9 Jinnan Shibuya Tokyo
東京都 渋谷区 神南 1-15-9 岩瀬ビル

Ichiran 一蘭@Shibuya ★

Eating Ramen in Individual Study Room Like Cubical. About 45-minute-wait to get inside the restaurant. A bit stressful to order from the vending machine in a short time. Ramen was ok, but the experience was nice. The Green Tea Almond Tofu dessert was great.

Ramen + Half-Boiled Salted Egg 910 yen ($7.50 USD)

Green Tea Almond Tofu 390 yen ($3.25 USD)

Eating inside an Individual Cubical

Ordering from the Vending Machine

Filling out Desired Details for Your Ramen

Ichiran 一蘭 渋谷店
1-22-7 Jinnan Shibuya Tokyo
東京都 渋谷区 神南 1-22-7 岩本ビル B1F

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Nanbantei Shinjuku 南蛮亭 新宿東口店@Tokyo ★★

Yakitori@Shinjuku Branch. Immediate reservations were fully booked, but we were able to walk in without any wait around 6:15pm. The Yakitori were decent. 12-piece-course is 3,100 yen ($25.50 USD). They have a minimum order of 1 course per person.

Green Perilla (Shiso) Leaf Wrapped w/ Pork, Asparagus Wrapped w/ Pork

Chicken Neck Meat, Chicken w/ Wasabi

Beef w/ Wasabi Sauce

Shitake Mushroom, Ginkgo Nuts

Chicken Wing, Prawn

Eggplant, Chicken & Green Onion, Chicken Meat Ball, Chicken Liver

Draft Beer 637 yen ($5.50 USD)

Nanbantei Shinjuku 南蛮亭 新宿東口店
3-28-7 Shinjuku Shinjuku Tokyo
東京都 新宿区 新宿 3-28-7
03-3354-0343 (+81-3-3354-0343)

Mr. Waffle ミスターワッフル@Tokyo ★★★

Must-Try Waffle in Tokyo. Chocolate flavor was very rich and flavorful. Green Tea and Red Bean flavor were the perfect combination. Be patient and wait in line for the goodies.

Fondant Chocolate (Winter Special) 450 yen ($3.75 USD)

Uji Green Tea Adzuki Beans Waffle 190 yen ($1.50 USD)

Mr. Waffle ミスターワッフル
JR新宿東南口出てすぐ ルミネ新宿2入口
+81 3 3345 5737

Chikuyoutei Ginza 竹葉亭 銀座店@Tokyo ★

Traditional Unagi Restaurant in Ginza. People already lined up outside of the restaurant before it opened. Unagi was not as fatty as I thought. I think I am used to the more fatty ones in United States. Service wasn't very nice.  My favorite Unagi restaurant is 肥前屋 in Taiwan.


Unagi Don 2625 yen ($22 USD)

Squid and Uni 540 yen ($4.50 USD)

Eel Liver Clear Soup 324 yen ($2.75 USD)

Chikuyoutei Ginza 竹葉亭 銀座店
5-8-3 Ginza Chuo Tokyo
東京都 中央区 銀座 5-8-3
03-3571-0677 (+81-3-3571-0677)

Daiwa Sushi 大和寿司@Tokyo ★★★

Freshest "Sushi Breakfast" at Tsukiji Market at 7:00am. We arrived the restaurant at 6:00am, and we were seated at 7:00am. Set menu is 3,500 yen ($30 USD) per person for 7 pieces of nigiri sushi and 1 roll. We ordered a few more add-ons in the end, which ended up to be 5,500 yen ($45 USD) per person. 1-hour-wait is definitely worth it. The quality is very close to Sushi Dai next door, but I still like Sushi Dai a bit more (which was 1.5-hour-wait at 6:00am).

Very Fatty Toro & Squid




Shrimp Head




Medium Fatty Toro

Anago (Sea Eel)


Uni with Bono

Seared Tuna

The Line outside of the Restaurant before Sunrise at 6:00am

Inside the Restaurant

Daiwa Sushi 大和寿司
5-2-1 Tsukiji Chuo Tokyo
東京都 中央区 築地 5-2-1 築地市場 6号館
03-3547-6807 (+81-3-3547-6807)

Monday, December 28, 2015

Satou さとう@Tokyo ★★★

Intimate Traditional Japanese Restaurant for Sushi. Hidden gem with great quality food. Fun place for beer and sake. Reservation available.


Sweet Potato


Sake - pick your own cup

Hot Sake - pick your own cup


Dried Squid



Sushi (Rolls)

Miso Soup

Satou さとう
6-3-14 Shirokane Minato Tokyo
東京都 港区 白金 6-3-14 KukaiTerrace白金 1F 
03-5475-6756 (+81-3-5475-6756)