Friday, September 23, 2022

Wadatsumi@Beverly Hills ★★★

Kaiseki-Style Course Meal at Sushi Bar. Amazing quality. Very cozy. First time trying Unagi with Truffle Oil. Perfect combination. Makoto-san is very nice and friendly.

Hairy Crab from Hokkaido

"Noguchi" Muroka Nama Genshu

Ankimo (Fish Liver)

Applewood-Smoked Duck

Applewood-Smoked Duck

Fish with Daikon and Broth

Mushroom and Shrimp Soup in a Pot

Unagi with Truffle Oil


Hokkaido Hairy Crab with Crab Paste

Fish and Scallop Tempura

Abalone with Uni and Fish

Wagyu Beef

Had the Bottle on the Left and Right

Vegetables for Shabu Shabu

Sliced Wagyu Beef for Shabu Shabu


Clam Soup

Wagyu Beef with Uni Sushi

Negitoro Handroll



410 N. Canon Dr.Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Morihiro@Atwater Village ★★★

Edomae Style Sushi to perfection, comparable to Jiro Sushi in Tokyo. One-Michelin-Star. Exquisite presentation. Super fresh sashimi with less oil. Perfect small rice portion on the sushi. Rice mixed with red vinegar, Edomae style. Abundant of dishes. Rice specifically grown for him from his hometown, the Iwate Perfecture. Bought some uncooked rice home for $15/lb. Chef Mori retired from Mori Sushi and came back. He said making good sushi makes him happy. Humble man. He's also good friends with Shunji-san from Shunji Sushi. Sushi Counter (with Chef Mori) is $350-$400 per person. Wine pairing $150 at counter (7 glasses) and $75 at table (4 glasses). Omakase only. Reservations via Tock. Corkage fee is $50.



Uni from Hokkido

Chef Mori's Signature Tofu with Freshly Grated Wasabi

Mori-san's Handmade Pottery

Seasonal Zensai

Seasonal Zensai, Seared Amaebi with Umadashi Jelly

Kokuryu "Crystal Dragan Daiginjo $87

Osuimono with Fish

Kegani – Hokkaido Hairy Crab

Sashimi Plate

Toro Tartare
mixed with pine nuts, topped with with black caviar

Grilled Nodoguro


Uni from Mexico

Akagai with Cucumber Roll, Egg

Japanese Musk Melon from Shizuoka

Miso Caramel Dango

Matcha Tea

Shiso Cucumber Sorbet with Pineapple Granita


Mori-san's rice from Iwate is exclusively grown for him.
It can be purchased for $15 a pound.

3133 Glendale Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 522-3993