Saturday, December 24, 2022

Wadatsumi@Beverly Hills ★★★ (closed)

Christmas Eve at Wadatsumi. Watatsumi is like Tokyo Midnight Dinner Series (except that it doesn't open that late). His Kaiseki Omakase Course was amazing as usual. Makoto-san's flexibility is incredible. I can just bring an ingredient in by surprise, and he will make something out of it! This time, we brought Crown Melon from Shizuoka. We ate 1/2 as is and requested 1/2 with sake!

Her name is Jessica

Jessica after a hot tub bath

Wadatsumi Beverly Hills
410 N. Canon Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 888-0036

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

bar sawa@Little Tokyo ★★★

Great Omakase with Awesome Cocktail Pairing. Fun and chill environment. Fresh sushi carefully handcrafted. They did a blind tasting game. I guessed all the blind tasting sushi right. Natalia the bartender was great. I had her pick the cocktail pairing for me. All the cocktails she picked for me was perfect. $170 Omakase Course. Cocktail pairing was $45 for 3 glasses, which was a good deal. Reservations via Tock. $6 parking at structure.

Sashimi for the Night

Prep Work

Sawa Highball
toki whisky, soda water, yuzu bitters, grapefruit peel

roku gin, yuzu liqueur

Smoked Chutoro with Shiso Garlic Sauce

Fried Oyster

Snapper marinated in Konbu

Ankimo paired with Yuzu

Aji - Horse Mackerel

Shima Aji

Gyokuro Martini – Green Tea Vodka
haku vodka, gyokuro, lillet blanc

Aoiebi – Blue Crystal Shrimp from Australia

Smoked Bonito in Konbu - Katsuo Skipjack Tuna

Akamizuke from Mexico

Masu - Ocean Sprout with Pickes

Kama Toro

Ika - Squid

Uni with Truffle

Anago - Fresh Water Eel

Yuzu Saketini
sake, yuzu, cointreau, lillet blanc

Marinated Black Cod

Japanese Old Fashioned
toki whisky, hojicha, angostura bitters, kuromitsu

Ebi Dashi Somen

Egg - Tamago

bar sawa
111 San Pedro St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(323) 381-5858