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Monday, February 19, 2024

Xi'an@Beverly Hills

Decent Chinese Food in Beverly Hills. Love the Brussels Sprouts. Crispy Shrimp was nice. Large variety of food. Selection of sake available. Server John from Hong Kong was nice. White rice $2/bowl. Metered street parking or free 2 hours parking at lot next to Wally's if entering before 6pm.

Kung Pao Chicken $26

Crispy Brussels Sprouts $12
almonds, cilantro, citrus vinaigrette

Toasted Shrimp & Leek Wrap $13

Szechuan Wontons $14
steamed chicken wontons in a fiery Szechuan sauce

Royal Crispy Shrimp $31
lightly battered in creamy glaze w/ glazed walnuts on a bed of crispy spinach

Pineapple Sorbet $9

Xi'an Beverly Hills
362 N Canon Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 275-3345

Friday, February 2, 2024

Sushi Ooga x Sushi Yamamoto@Beverly Hills ★★★

Amazing Collaboration with No.1 Sushi Restaurant in Osaka. Shinichiro Ooga's restaurant is Sushi Ooga in Osaka. Sake & Wine Pairing with Juyondai Bankoh included. 16-Course-Omakase with Sake & Wine Pairing included $750. Reservations via Tock. Valet parking, $10 flat rate self-parking after 6pm. [developing story]

Taka's Yamayuki Otoro (Ooga-san)

Yusuke Yamamoto from Sushi Yamamoto collaboration w/ Shinichiro Ooga from Sushi Ooga, Osaka

Juyondai Bankoh

Shari Comparison
left: Ooga-san; right: Yusuke-san

Kaze no Mori alpha 3

Sawara (King Mackerel) (skin grilled w/ Binchotan), Tako (Octopus), Buri (Wild Yellow Tail) from Toyoma

Amadai Umami Soup
nishiki kombu, amadai broth

Kegani (Hokkaido Hairy Crab)


Bafun Uni from Hokkaido

Bafun Uni from Hokkaido


Ankimo (Monkfish Liver) (Ooga-san)

Nodoguro (Rosy Sea Bass) (Ooga-san)

Wasabi from Shizuoka


Kue (Grouper) (Ooga-san)

Chives Ooga-san brought from Japan

Sumiika (Squid)

Ooga & Sakana Japon

Shiro Amadai (White Tilefish)

Kohada (Shad)

Ohmine 3 Grain (Omachi Rice)

Awabi (Abalone) (Yusuke-san)

Benny's Carabineros Shrimp from Spain with Ebi Miso (Yusuke-san)

Yamayuki Chutoro
left: Ooga-san; right: Yusuke-san

La Spinetta Barbaresco & Jikon Senbonnishiki


Taka's Yamayuki Otoro (Ooga-san)

Toro Roll w/ Astrea Caviar

Juyondai Bankou

Juyondai Bankou

Bafun Uni from Hokkaido (Ooga-san)

Unagi (Fresh Water Eel) (Yusuke-san)

Shizuoka Melon Ice Cream

Shizuoka Melon Ice Cream

Green Tea

Taka's Yamayuki Maguro

Sushi Yamamoto
218 N. Rodeo Dr (former Urasawa space)
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Friday, January 26, 2024

Chubby Curry@Beverly Hills ★★★

Best Japanese Curry with Fun Anime Theme. New restaurant, same owner as Niku X. Chef Liga's recommendation of the Smoked Roasted Duck Curry was mind-blowing with a taste of happiness. It's like Chinese Duck but 10 times better. Very crispy skin. Love the kick of spiciness in the mustard. Chef Liga is amazing and friendly. Great selection of Fifth Taste sake available. Quick service with casual & chill vibe. Board games available for playing. Order via iPad. 10% cashback Loyalty points available (cannot be used w/ Groupon). Yelp waitlist available. Paid lot parking across the street (2 hours free before 6pm) or paid metered street parking.

Smoked Roasted Duck Curry $55 (for 2) (special)

Udon Know Me $19
thinly sliced wagyu roast beef round, maitake mushroom, Japanese curry sauce

Smoked Roasted Duck Curry $55 (for 2) (special)

Smoked Roasted Duck Curry $55 (for 2) (special)

Chubby Curry
225 S Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212