Saturday, May 27, 2023

Moments@Mandarin Oriental Barcelona ★★★

2 Michelin Stars Restaurant. Special tasting menu from Salvador Dalí & his wife's recipe book, Les dîners de Gala, for grand dinners in the 70's. Reasonably priced for Mandarin Oriental. Amazing experience to take you back to the artist's time. Reminds me of Victoria & Albert from Disney World. Dinner took about 3 hours and 45 minutes. Full tasting menu 215€ per person. Smaller tasting menu 175€ per person. Wine pairing 175€ for bigger menu and 140€ for smaller menu. Water 10€ per 1L bottle.

Chef Raül Balam Ruscalleda


Surprise Mussels (Recipe 22)

Prawn Royal (Recipe 14)

Stuffed Potatoes "a la charcutiére" (Recipe 90)

Quail Eggs with Caviar (Recipe 11)

Marinated Pork Loin (Recipe 81)

Crayfish Mousse (Recipe 66)

Asparagus with Walnuts (Recipe 96)

Seabass with Fennel (Recipe 60)

Alexandre Dumas Style Salad (Recipe 98)

Cabbage Stuffed with Squab (Recipe 78)

Cheese Plate Selection

Cheese Plate Selection

Sorbet with "vieux champagne" (Recipe 116)

Tomato Pie (Recipe 125)

Soufflé Kocisky (Recipe 123)

Les mignardises de Dalí

Wooden Board Map Souvenir from Wine Pairing
with regions of the wine pairing

Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona
Pg. de Gràcia, 38, 40, 08007 Barcelona, Spain
931 51 87 81

Friday, May 26, 2023

Terraza Verbena Rooftop Bar@Monument Hotel Barcelona ★★★

Great Vibe. Great cocktails and tapas. Reasonably priced and at a hotel. Nice rooftop view. Has sofa and table seating available.

Mezcalita 16€‎
Mezcal Recuerdo, mandarin syrup, natural passion fruit, lime & giner
Nuestra Sangria de Cava 16€‎
Clos Gelida Cava, Tequila Patrón Silver, Cointreau, White Martini, passion fruit & soda

Octopus "Gilda" 3,5€‎

Razor Clams 16€‎

Iberian Ham with Tomato Bread 16€‎

Lemon & Raspberry Sorbet (2 scoops) 9€‎

Terraza Verbena Rooftop by Monument Hotel (Terraza Verbena)
Pg. de Gràcia, 75, 08008 Barcelona, Spain
935 48 20 33

Yoi Yoi Gion Kyoto 宵宵祇園@Barcelona ★★★

Traditional Japanese Comfort Food in Barcelona. Recommended by my Japanese friend, Shota-san. Chef Ishizuka-san used to be a professional soccer player in Japan. The Captain Tsubasa anime drawings on the wall gave it away. Everything was delicious. Kakiage (Deep-Fried Vegetables with Shrimp) is a must-try add-on. It reminds me of Rengoku from Demon Slayer. Onsen Tamago is perfectly made. Cozy atmosphere. Canned cold Japanese Green Tea 3.00€‎. It's amazing how the Beer is cheaper than Green Tea.

Kamatama Udon 9.00€
udon with poached egg

Chef Ishizuka-san, a professional soccer player in Japan

Buta (Pork) Gyoza (5 pieces) 6.50€

Aburaage Cheese 6.00€
fried tofu with goat cheese

Curry Udon 13.50€
udon w/ Japanese curry

Kakiage 7.50€
deep-fried vegetables with shrimp

Tororo Konbu 5.00€
dry seaweed with grated Japanese mountain yam

Damm Lemon Bottle Beer 2.80€‎

Captain Tsubasa Anime Drawings on the wall

Restaurant Sign

Yoi Yoi Gion Kyoto
Av. Diagonal, 383, 08008 Barcelona, Spain
+34 931 24 87 01