Friday, May 26, 2023

Yoi Yoi Gion Kyoto 宵宵祇園@Barcelona ★★★

Traditional Japanese Comfort Food in Barcelona. Recommended by my Japanese friend, Shota-san. Chef Ishizuka-san used to be a professional soccer player in Japan. The Captain Tsubasa anime drawings on the wall gave it away. Everything was delicious. Kakiage (Deep-Fried Vegetables with Shrimp) is a must-try add-on. It reminds me of Rengoku from Demon Slayer. Onsen Tamago is perfectly made. Cozy atmosphere. Canned cold Japanese Green Tea 3.00€‎. It's amazing how the Beer is cheaper than Green Tea.

Kamatama Udon 9.00€
udon with poached egg

Chef Ishizuka-san, a professional soccer player in Japan

Buta (Pork) Gyoza (5 pieces) 6.50€

Aburaage Cheese 6.00€
fried tofu with goat cheese

Curry Udon 13.50€
udon w/ Japanese curry

Kakiage 7.50€
deep-fried vegetables with shrimp

Tororo Konbu 5.00€
dry seaweed with grated Japanese mountain yam

Damm Lemon Bottle Beer 2.80€‎

Captain Tsubasa Anime Drawings on the wall

Restaurant Sign

Yoi Yoi Gion Kyoto
Av. Diagonal, 383, 08008 Barcelona, Spain
+34 931 24 87 01

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