Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Gamjatop@San Gabriel ★

Nice Korean Spot. Gamjatang – Spicy Pork Backbone Soup, is their signature dish. Cooks in 5 minutes. The Sujebi noodles (big flat pieces) is popular, but the portion is small. Perilla Oil Noodles are a bit pricey and took forever to come out, but the taste is nice and interesting. It;s addicting. Dining there comes with 4 variety of banchan. They were small but have unlimited refills. We must have refilled 5 times. My favorite Banchan was the Crispy Class Noodles with Mayo, but the Mayo mixture was not consistent. One of them only had few glass noodles soaked in overflowing heavy mayo dressing. Rice Pop Ice Cream was nice. Could get pricey, but Korean food has been getting pricey in general. Their Raw Soy Marinated Crab ($43.99 single serving) and Raw Soy Marinated Shrimp ($14.99 4 pieces) seemed a bit pricey, looked interesting, but they were sold out of it. Free parking in lot.

Banchan – unlimited refill

Gamjatang Combo (Small, $58.99)
Spicy Pork Backbone Soup with potatoes and vegetables
includes steamed egg and noodles (ramen, udon, or sujebi)

Steamed Egg from Gamjatang Combo

Sujebi from Gamjatang Combo

Perilla Oil Noodles $19.89
perilla oil & soy sauce based noodles with seaweed

Crispy Class Noodles with Mayo Banchan

Rice Pop Ice Cream from Gamjatang Combo

416 E Las Tunas Dr, Ste E
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 872-1748

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