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Friday, May 3, 2024

Hako@Irvine ★★

Tonkatsu Specialty. Love their Tonkatsu. Cheese Tonkatsu seems to be their signature. It's delicious and perfectly fried. You can add Curry (spicy or non-spicy) on the side, 4 pcs California, and Gyoza for additional $3 for each item. Tempura batter was a bit too thick for me. Free parking in lot.

Fish Tonkatsu $16.95
wild-caught Alaskan cod

Cheese Tonkatsu $16.95

Mix Tempura $10.95, Sapporo Beer (L) $6.95
3 shrimp & yam

4790 Irvine Blvd Ste 103
Irvine, CA 92620
(714) 389-4202

Monday, April 15, 2024

Gion Kankandeli Rei 祇園 かんかんでり 麗@Kyoto ★★★

Korean Food with Japanese Influence. Cute mini rice bowls presentation as seen on Instagram. It's a bit too much rice. Ultimate Ochoco Don Mini Rice Bowl Set 2,980 yen, with Wagyu Sukiyaki Hot Pot 4,980 yen, with Wagyu Sukiyaki plus Sake Pairing (3 glasses) 6,980 yen. A la carte menu also available. Oolong Tea 418 yen. Reservations via phone or web recommended. (My Japanese friend helped me make the reservation via phone.)

Ultimate Ochoco Don Mini Rice Bowls Set w/ Sukuyaki & 3 glasses of Sake Paring options $6,980
1st row: 1. Yuba w/ Uni, 2. Kyoto Pork w/ Gold Leaf, 3. Kyoto Duck, 4. Simmered Beef
2nd row: 5. Toro, 6. Unagi & Dashi Tamago, 7. Tai (Red Snapper), 8. Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp)
w/ Tofu Soup, Sawara Dashi, Sansho Pepper, Wasabi, & Soy Sauce

3 Glasses of Sake Pairing for additional 2,000 yen

Menu w/ Illustration


Tsuki no Katsura


Wagyu Sukiyaki that comes w/ the Combo Meal

Duck Kinpa w/ Cheese $1,298 yen

祇園 かんかんでり 麗
〒605-0083 京都府京都市東山区新橋通大和大路東入ル2丁目橋本町391
Authority of Shinbashi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 2, Higashi-iru, Yamatooji 391, Hashimotocho, 605-0083

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Katsu Sando@San Gabriel ★★★

Katsu Sandwich by Daniel Son. (Sushi Sonagi) Snow Crab Korokke Roll with 3 kinds of Tobiko was amazing. Pork Katsu was thick, tender, and juicy. Crispy on the outside. Great with curry. Corn Potage (Japanese Corn Soup) was great. They have shaved ice with Kuramoto Ice from Japan seasonally. Would love to try next time when available. Cute mini-mart corner. Bottled Green Tea $3.95. Free limited parking in lot.

Snow Crab Korokke Roll $19.95

Katsu Curry Plate $15.95

Curry for Katsu

Corn Potage (Japanese Corn Soup) $4.95

Katsu Sando
710 W Las Tunas Dr Unit 6
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 545-2266

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Joseon@Silver Lake ★★★

Best Korean Food w/ Modern Twist. Friends & Family pre-opening by TV personality Debbie Lee (Morimoto's Sushi Master). Beautiful presentation w/ personal touch with tribute to her Northern Korean roots. Fine ingredients. Amazing taste with a pop of crispy accent texture in some dishes. Love Debbie's rendition of Korean seafood. A night full of culinary surprise for the taste buds. Debbie keeps striving for perfection in her culinary creativity. My new Korean comfort food. 5-course menu $79. 7-course menu $99. Good deal. Add-ons were delicious. Highly recommended. Opening to public 10/6. Reservations via Resy. Valet $12 or very limited street parking (read signs).

Crispy Kakiage Vegetable Tempura (compliments of the chef)

죽 Juk | Porridge
Kabocha Squash Porridge, Jujubee Romesco, Crispy Korean Leek, Garlic Chive Oil

회 Hoe/Hwe | Tartare (option 1)
Hall Farmstead Wagyu Beef Tartare, Asian Pear, Salted Egg Yolk, Perilla, Seaweed Cracker

회 Hoe/Hwe | Tartare (option 2)
Rose Crudo of the day, Pluot, Gochugaru Buttermilk, Onion Sprout

전 Jeon | Egg Battered
Egg White Battered Squash Blossom, Vegetable Tofu Ricotta, Soy Eggplant Tahini

만두 Wang Mandu | Royal Dumplings
Ginger Pork Rillette, King Oyster Mushroom Fume, Shitake Chicharrones

구이 Gui | BBQ (option 2)
Grilled Blue Prawns, Seoul Style Leche de Tigre, Ssam Style

구이 Gui | BBQ (option 1)
Hall Farmstead Wagyu Beef Tongue, Asparagus, Shimeji, Classic Bulgogi Sauce

찜 Jjim | Braised Stew (option 1)
Eundaegu Jjorim, Deconstructed Pimento Black Cod, Daikon Puree, Korean Leek

찜 Jjim | Braised Stew (option 2)
Gori Jjim, aka Wagyu Oxtail, Purple Rice Cake, Weiser Farms Sunchoke Puree, Fall Braised Vegetables

떡/국수 Tteok | Rice (option 2)
Tteok Guk, Celebratory Rice Cake Soup, Halmuni Bone Broth, Wagyu Brisket, Crispy Tteok, Tamagoyaki Style Omelet

떡/국수 Guksu | Noodles (option 1)
Kongguksu, Chilled Soybean Milk Noodles, Tomato Muchim, Pickled Fresno, Bottarga

Marinated Melon


Platters to share: Abalone Two Ways: (add-on)
Abalone Sashimi, Kimchee Mignonette
Abalone Juk (Porridge), Crispy Shallots, Gochu Oil

Bone Marrow (add-on)
Shila Inspired Wagyu Roasted Bone Marrow, Oxtail, Seoul Style Chimichurri, Salt Cured Egg, Sesame Flatbread

Platters to share: Bossam (add-on)
Berkshire Pork Belly, Plum Glaze, Pluot Ssamjang, Soy Caramelized Roasted Kabocha, Weiser Farms Melon Minari Salad, Coleman Farms Little Gem, House Kimchee

"500 Years" Jinmaek Soju Oak (Reserve)

"500 Years" Jinmaek Soju Oak (Reserve)

Picture w/ Debbie Lee at her last pop-up

3707 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 258-4650

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Yi Cha Pop-Up@Esters Santa Monica ★★★

Best Korean Food Ever w/ a Modern Twist. Yi Cha's last pop-up (9/15 only) before their opening in Highland Park by TV personality Debbie Lee (Morimoto's Sushi Master). Beautiful presentation w/ personal touch. Fine ingredients. Amazing taste with a pop of crispy accent texture in some dishes. The "Rockefeller" Oysters blew my mind. It shouldn't be called Rockefeller Oysters, because it's 10+ times better than ordinary Rockefeller Oysters out there. It needs quote and quote on it. Love Debbie's rendition of Korean seafood. An unforgettable night full of culinary surprise for the taste buds chilling at the wine bar. Debbie keeps striving for perfection in her culinary creativity. This will be my Korean comfort food. Can't wait to visit their opening in Highland Park soon.

Seoul Style Oysters Rockefeller (6pcs) $33
doenjang butter, panko shallot crust

Abalone Two Ways $31
abalone sashimi w/ kimchee mignonette, abalone porridge w/ gochugaru oil, crispy shallot

Hwe Dup Bap - aka Sashimi Bowl $35 (add Marinated Ikura +$6)
local catch of the day, melon, la bahn ranch egg, mountain rice, gochujang vinaigrette

Berkshire Pork Belly Ssam $45
plum glaze, farmer's market lettuce, perilla, weiser farms melon, minari, soy caramelized kabocha, pluot ssamjang, kimchee

Pan Seared Black Cod $37
gochu hollandaise, charred kimchee, Korean leek, crispy black rice, farmer's market radish salad

Little Neck Clams Soondubu Style $31
perilla pesto crostini, garlic chive oil

500 years Jinmaek Soju Oak (Reserve)

Marinated Melon

Group Picture w/ Chef Debbie Lee & Chef Kook