Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Kichisen 吉泉 Kaiseki@Kyoto ★★★

Best Kaiseki 懷石料理. 3 Michelin Stars. Traditional with a blend of modern elements, adorned with touches of gold. Handcrafted food and absolutely beautiful presentation to perfection. Excellent service. Dinner was 2.5 hours in the private room. 6pm seating. 18000 yen ($125 USD, 2017 pricing) per person for this basic tier menu. Highest tier is around $300.


Futamono – Clear Soup w/ Scallop Dumpling & Yuzu Peels

Mukozuke – Seasonal Sashimi

Mukozuke – Seasonal Sashimi

Mukozuke – Seasonal Sashimi– Maguro & Otoro w/ Chopped Yamaimo


Wagashi served w/ Matcha Tea

Kichisen 吉泉
左京区下鴨 森本町5 Kyoto, 京都府 〒606-0805 Japan
075 711 6121

Saturday, July 22, 2017

dine@Carson Porsche ★★★

Casual Fine Dining@Porsche. Delicious food, beautiful presentation, fantastic race track view, great service. Server was very knowledgeable on the race tracks, in case you are interested. The cute little Porsche butter caught me in pleasant surprise. $25 per person for 2-course dineLA.

Porsche Butter

Complimentary Bread & Butter

Summertime 917 $12
svedka vodka, fresh lime juice, watermelon, basil leaf

Grilled Peach Salad (appetizer choice)
smoked burrate, endive, candied marcona almonds, rocket lettuce, mint vinaigrette

Spanish Octopus (appetizer choice)
brussel sprouts, lardo, sherry vinegar, harissa aioli, bacon crumble

Wild King Salmon
creamed cauliflower, summer squash, pea vines, lobster butter

Restaurant View - Race Track


Required Visitor Badge for the Restaurant

Restaurant 917
19800 S Main St
Carson, CA 90745
(770) 290-7917

Monday, January 16, 2017

Cheng Can Cook: Uni Spaghetti ★★★

Uni Spaghetti. One of my favorite food to cook. After tasting it at Blue Marlin (closed) for 20+ times, I can finally write my own recipe based on tasting the dish there. My original recipe below.

A box of uni
Spaghetti, enough for 1 person
About 2 teaspoons of Butter
A few tablespoons of Heavy Whipping Cream
Japanese Mayo to taste (a tablespoon)
Salt to taste (a teaspoon)
Garnish: Salmon Roe/ Seaweed pieces (small slices)/ Sliced Green Onions/ Shiso Leaf (optional)

1. Cook spaghetti.
2. Chop uni roughly into big chunks.
3. In a separate pan, heat up pan with butter. Sauté whipping cream and add mayo. Cook until thickens and add the chopped uni. Stir.
4. Add spaghetti to the sauce in pan and stir. Add salt to taste and mix. Done.
5. When you take the spaghetti out from the pan, leave the uni chunks in the pan. After taking the spaghetti out, put uni chunks on top of the spaghetti. Put seaweed/ green onions/ shiso leaf on top for garnish.