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Monday, August 14, 2023

Remy Dinner@Disney Cruise ★★★

Amazing Remy Brunch@Disney Cruise. On Disney Dream. By 3 Michelin stars chef Amaud Lallement and Scott Hunnel from Victoria & Albert’s at Disney World. Lallement’s menu is French (Saveur), and Hunnel’s menu is American (Goût). We ordered one of each. Both were fantastic, but French menu had more of a wow factor. Brought a bottle of Ohmine Winter’s Arrival Sake to enjoy at fine dining on the cruise for the first time. Ohmine was amazing, especially pairing with French and American dishes. It has flavor of lychee, melon, & pear. French or American Tasting Menu is $135 per person. Wagyu Beef add-on $44. Wine Experience ($135), Champagne Journey ($175), and a la carte options also available.

Ohmine Winter’s Arrival

Welcome drink: Colette (from Remy) Cocktail

Welcome drink: Colette (from Remy) Cocktail

Cauliflower Amuse-Bouche

Caramel, Hazelnut, and Foie Gras Foam

Bread Service featuring Seaweed Butter

Ohmine Winter’s Arrival



Tomate (Bread & Dip)

Tomato Water for Tomate


Rohan Duck

Lobster Bisque

Cabernet Sauvignon for Wagyu Beef

Foie Gras





Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Beef

Chef Remy from Ratatouille

Remy Dinner
Disney Cruise (Disney Dream)

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Kali@Melrose ★★

Michelin Star Restaurant with Gastronomic & Asian Influence. Beautiful presentation. 5-Course Seasonal Tasting Menu $165 with $55 optional wine pairing (5 half glasses). 9-Course Kali Chef's Menu also available for $210 with $95 optional wine pairing. For lighter eaters, it's good to share the 5-course menu with a la carte items.

Seasonal Tasting Menu: 1st course: Crowded Beach
oyster, yellowtail, mussel, uni, abalone, prawn

Riesling Trocken – Keller $99
"von der fels" 2021
Rheinhessen, Germany

Local Yellowtail Carpaccio $24
shaved fennel, buttermilk, rice puff, agretti


Complimentary Bread & Butter

Beef Tartare "Cigar" $18
charcoal essence, yolk emulsion

Seasonal Tasting Menu: 2nd course: Black Truffle Risotto
blue oyster mushroom, fava beans

Seasonal Tasting Menu: 3rd course: Caramelized Bay Scallop
English peas, potato dumpling, preserved lemon, walnut

Sea Urchin Pasta $42 (also comes in 1/2 portion for $28)
spaghetti, bread crumbs, ricotta whey

Caramelized Bay Scallop $42 (a la carte)
English peas, potato dumpling, preserved lemon, walnut

Sonoma County Liberty Farms Duck Breast $46
beet, sorrel, cherries, pistachio

Seasonal Tasting Menu: 4th course: Santa Carota Ranch New York Steak
carrot purée, brown butter, bordelaise

Seasonal Tasting Menu: 5th course: Meringue Gelato
straus cream, salt cured egg yolk

Strawberry Sorbet $12
pickled green strawberries, lavender, mint

Complimentary Chocolate Truffles

5722 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 871-4160

Sunday, May 7, 2023

American Beauty@Venice ★★

Great Food. We ordered all our server's recommendations (see pictures below), and everything was fantastic. All vegetables and Fish were great. Lamp Chop was tender and nice. Just the sauce on the Brussels Sprouts were a bit on the heavy side. I do like their "If You Like Piña Coladas". Alcohol in cocktail is on the stronger side, which I like. It's a better deal. The server told me since it's my birthday, I get to pick the dessert. I thought the dessert was on the house, but we got charged for it. They were not wrong. It was just kind of misleading. Free 1 hour street parking if you can find a spot.

If You Like Piña Coladas $14
house rum blend, pineapple, coconut cream, citrus

Steak Tartare $19
fermented hot sauce, crispy shallot

Grilled Prawns $22
herb butter, lemon

Grilled Lamb Chops $35
tzatziki, harissa, mint

Crispy Brussels Sprouts $15
kimchi aioli, pickled fresno chili, mint

Grilled Orata $37
ajo blanco, grape & leek condiment

Charred Broccolini $13
calabrian chili caesar, parmesan, migas

Molten Chocolate Cake $13
peanut butter, vanilla ice cream

Interior Neon Sign

American Beauty
425 Rose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90291
(310) 412-0075