Saturday, January 22, 2022

DeJapan: Ordering from Japan ★★★

My first unboxing video featuring DeJapan!
(Unsponsored honest review) I have been researching on buyers in Japan, aka Japan proxy shopping service, for a few times now. After reading some reviews and comparison, I decided to give DeJapan a try. They help you purchase products from most Japan sites, have them shipped to their warehouse in Japan, consolidate them (even from different shops), and ship to you. It's a game changer to save on shipping, especially for those Japan-only items. 

They don't charge commission. All they charge is 100 yen consolidation per item (or per listing), which is very minimal and includes insurance. If you order 2 or even 10 of the same item, it will still just be 100 yen total. If you purchase a bundle of items under 1 auction listing, it is counted a 1 item as well.

They would charge 100 yen coordination fee if you need them to ask the seller a question, want to negotiate the price, or ask about shipping. However, if the negotiation has already been addressed in the listing comments, they will not charge it.

Please note that they charge additional 500 yen handling fee per listing for Mercari and PayPayFleaMarket due to additional coordination involved.

If you are ordering a lot of items from the same site, you may consider skipping the 100 yen per item consolidation fee by unchecking the consolidation box when you order, but please note that it will void the insurance as well. I tried it twice. It made me very nervous, but I ended up receiving the package with no problem and saving a lot on the consolidation fee.

I have ordered with them from Yahoo Auction, Amazon, Fril, Mercari, ShopDisney, Sanrio, Aniplex, etc. No problems with them. Please note that some websites do block proxy service such as Rakuten, Yodobashi, and Movic. Hence, we cannot purchase from them.

Packing Fees

I have been using the free one and never had a problem with it.

Their shipping fees are upfront and are clearly listed: I have only been using the surface mail to save on shipping. It takes 3 months to arrive, but I haven't have a problem with it. Tracking is provided.

Shop > Submit > Pay for items (PayPal or credit card) > Items arrives at DeJapan warehouse > Combine up to 25 orders (different shops ok) > Pay for consolidation fees + domestic shipping + international shipping

So far I have only experienced 1 small problem once: The buyer only shipped partial of a bundled listing. I inquired DeJapan about their insurance. They said since it has been more than 3 months (due to the surface mail shipping), it's hard to trace back what happened, and there is nothing they could do about it. They tried to reach out to the seller but had gotten no response. It's ok. What was lost was minimal, offset by the low cost service they offer. I ending up purchasing the missing items I wanted from another seller.

Sample Cost (Items from Yahoo! Auctions Japan)
ItemsCostDomestic Shipping
Blu-Ray Movie Box Set4200 JPY2420 JPY
Illustration Print500 JPY210 JPY
Sticker280 JPY84 JPY
Combination Price (100 JPY x3)300 JPY
International Surface Shipping2900 JPY

They are 100% reliable. I have ordered from them a few times and have received my items. Their customer service is great and responsive. If you are unsure about what the Japanese means, they would translate it for you. I would highly recommend them!