Thursday, August 31, 2023

n/soto@Mid-City ★★★

Fantastic Izakaya. Tofu was smooth and silky. Love the Bone Marrow with Miso and Wine flavor, paired with Grilled Rice Ball. Quality sushi. With a group of 4 people, we got to try more variety of dishes. Genmaicha Hot tea $4 (small pot) per person. Accepts walk-in, but reservation highly recommended. Corkage fee $30. Valet or street parking.

Oysters $10 (2 pieces)

Tako Wasa $8
octopus, kizami wasabi

Brussels Sprouts & Salmon Skin Salad $16
red onion, poached egg

Matsunotsukasa Cuvée Isabel Shiga Junmai Ginjo $100

Warm Housemade Tofu $9
ginger, tosa joyu

Santa Barbara Uni $21 (2 pieces), Toro Osetra $21 (2 pieces)

Toro Osetra $21 (2 pieces)
chopped toro & caviar

Wild Halibut Sashimi $25
finger lime, uni, ponzu

Toro Osetra $21 (2 pieces)
chopped toro & caviar

Gyutan (Beef Tongue) $8

Chawanmushi $11

Chawanmushi $11
ginko nut, shrimp, chicken

Lamb Chop $9.50

Soft Shell Crab $26

Black Cod & Artichoke Donabe $39
ginger, green onion, pickles

Seaweed & Pickles for Black Cod & Artichoke Donabe

Miso Baked Bone Marrow $21
umeboshi onigiri

4566 W Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016
(323) 879-9455

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Cheng Can Cook Baked Garlic Shrimp Recipe ★★★

Easy to Make Dish. Shrimps are only $6.99 per pound at Little Tokyo Market Place. For $3.98, I can get 10 shrimps.

Garlic, minced

1. Clean & devein shrimp (check YouTube).
2. Butterfly shrimp (cut in center), spread small thin slice of butter, sprinkle minced garlic on top.
    (optional to add grated Parmesan Cheese for extra flavor)
3. Bake shrimp at at least 375°F until garlic turn golden.
Tip: Next time I will try detaching middle part of the shrimp from the shell for easier eating.

Monday, August 28, 2023

Sushi Tomoki@Studio City ★★★

New Sushi Restaurant in Studio City. Handcrafted sushi with attention to detail. Small bites sushi. Great selection of sake from Fifth Taste. Ohmine 3 Grain Sake was refreshing and fruity. Paired well with everything. Itamae Sushi Chef Tomoki-san came from Enya Beverly Hills. He is originally from Gifu, Japan. Nice and friendly. Happy to see our favorite kappo chef, Makoto-san from Wadatsumi Beverly Hills, working there as assistant chef as well. Sushi bar not yet fully opened. We were fortunate to be the only 2 arranged to sit at sushi bar. Take Omakase we had was $150 per person. Comes with Appetizer, Sashimi, 8 pieces of Sushi, & Special Hand Roll. There will also be a $200 Matsu Omakase available soon, when they fully open. Hot tea $3. Reservations available via OpenTable (highly recommended). Free parking in side and rear lot or street parking (read signs).

Otoro w/ Chopped Toro, Ocean Caviar, & Gold Leaf

Hokkaido Scallop w/ Jellyfish, Kumamoto Oyster, Tomato

Sashimi – Blue Fin Tuna Lean Part, Otoro, Medium Toro

Kurodai (Black Snapper)
lemon zest, shiso leaf, truffle oil

Ohmine 3 Grain $90

Only ones at the Sushi Bar

Left: Sushi Chef Tomoki-san, Right: Assistant Chef Makoto-san

Truffle Halibut

Truffle Halibut

Shima Aji (Striped Jack) from Kyushu, Japan

Kanpachi (Amberjack)

Kinmedai (Golden Eye Snapper)

Gindara (Black Cod) w/ Miso and Oba Leaf

Engawa (Halibut Fin) w/ Ponzu

Akamutsu (Rosy Seabass)

Akami w/ Uni from Hokkaido

Medium Toro

Otoro w/ Chopped Toro, Ocean Caviar, & Gold Leaf

Hokkaido Scallop Hand Roll w/ Chopped Toro, Hokkaido Uni, & Truffle

For Hokkaido Scallop Hand Roll w/ Chopped Toro, Hokkaido Uni, & Truffle

Hokkaido Scallop Hand Roll w/ Chopped Toro, Hokkaido Uni, & Truffle


Chirashi (backside)


Itamae Sushi Chef Tomoki-san

Happy to see Makoto-san as Assistant Chef

Sushi Tomoki
3791 Cahuenga Blvd,
Studio City, Los Angeles, CA 91604

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Gokumi@Santa Ana ★★★

Amazing Izakaya Restaurant in Santa Ana. Specializes in Yakitori, Ramen, and Fifth Taste Sake. Fresh Oysters. Reasonable price. Finally get to try the new Akabu Hisui, which has a summer vibe. Sake flight with 3 glasses also available for $20. Ryo-san is a very dedicated Yakitori Chef. Great place to dine around Disneyland area. Free Edamame (can choose truffle oil if available) or cold tea upon Yelp check-in. Complimentary hot tea. Free limited parking in lot.

Akabu Hisui $80

Chicken Liver $3.75, American Wagyu Tongue $7, Zucchini $3

Pork Belly w/ Plum Shiso $3.75, Chicken Skin $3.50

Chicken Wing $4.50, Shrimp $5.50

Oyster $4, Scallop $3.50

Ginko Nuts $2.50, American Wagyu Skirt Steak $8.50

Fresh Oysters on Half Shell $12 (3pcs)

Pork Belly w/ Plum Shiso $3.75, Pork Belly Wrapped Asparagus $3.75, Special Chicken of the Day (Tail) $4

New Zealand Lamb Chop $6.50

Tuna Yukke Tartare $16

Edamame with Truffle Oil (Free w/ Yelp Check-In)


Yakitori Chef Ryo-san

2 Hutton Centre Dr, #203
Santa Ana, CA 92707​
(714) 617-4540