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Saturday, November 25, 2023

うなぎ はいばら Unagi Haibara@Tsukiji Market ★★

Fresh Unagi Set with Sansho Pepper. Has branches in other locations. Basic Ume Unaju set 3,000 yen, includes Japanese pickles and soup. Take Unaju with Grilled Unagi Liver Kushiyaki with upgraded soup 3,500 yen. Take Set is a better deal, because for 500 yen extra, you get Unagi Liver Kushiyaki & a piece of Unagi in the soup. Togo Bento also available for 3,000 yen. But if you are in the Tsukiji Market, it's better to focus on Sashimi rather than Unagi.

はいばら 築地2号店

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Daiwa Sushi 大和寿司@Tokyo ★★★

Freshest "Sushi Breakfast" at Tsukiji Market at 7:00am. We arrived the restaurant at 6:00am, and we were seated at 7:00am. Set menu is 3,500 yen ($30 USD) per person for 7 pieces of nigiri sushi and 1 roll. We ordered a few more add-ons in the end, which ended up to be 5,500 yen ($45 USD) per person. 1-hour-wait is definitely worth it. The quality is very close to Sushi Dai next door, but I still like Sushi Dai a bit more (which was 1.5-hour-wait at 6:00am).

Very Fatty Toro & Squid




Shrimp Head




Medium Fatty Toro

Anago (Sea Eel)


Uni with Bono

Seared Tuna

The Line outside of the Restaurant before Sunrise at 6:00am

Inside the Restaurant

Daiwa Sushi 大和寿司
5-2-1 Tsukiji Chuo Tokyo
東京都 中央区 築地 5-2-1 築地市場 6号館
03-3547-6807 (+81-3-3547-6807)