Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Nanbantei Shinjuku 南蛮亭 新宿東口店@Tokyo ★★

Yakitori@Shinjuku Branch. Immediate reservations were fully booked, but we were able to walk in without any wait around 6:15pm. The Yakitori were decent. 12-piece-course is 3,100 yen ($25.50 USD). They have a minimum order of 1 course per person.

Green Perilla (Shiso) Leaf Wrapped w/ Pork, Asparagus Wrapped w/ Pork

Chicken Neck Meat, Chicken w/ Wasabi

Beef w/ Wasabi Sauce

Shitake Mushroom, Ginkgo Nuts

Chicken Wing, Prawn

Eggplant, Chicken & Green Onion, Chicken Meat Ball, Chicken Liver

Draft Beer 637 yen ($5.50 USD)

Nanbantei Shinjuku 南蛮亭 新宿東口店
3-28-7 Shinjuku Shinjuku Tokyo
東京都 新宿区 新宿 3-28-7
03-3354-0343 (+81-3-3354-0343)

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