Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ichiran 一蘭@Shibuya ★

Eating Ramen in Individual Study Room Like Cubical. About 45-minute-wait to get inside the restaurant. A bit stressful to order from the vending machine in a short time. Ramen was ok, but the experience was nice. The Green Tea Almond Tofu dessert was great.

Ramen + Half-Boiled Salted Egg 910 yen ($7.50 USD)

Green Tea Almond Tofu 390 yen ($3.25 USD)

Eating inside an Individual Cubical

Ordering from the Vending Machine

Filling out Desired Details for Your Ramen

Ichiran 一蘭 渋谷店
1-22-7 Jinnan Shibuya Tokyo
東京都 渋谷区 神南 1-22-7 岩本ビル B1F

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