Friday, December 11, 2015

Chinatown Crab Master@Singapore ★★★

Best Crab Ever at Singapore Chinatown. My first time trying Salted Egg Custard Crab. It's made from live crab - super fresh and flavorful. The Steamed Scallops were not as fresh though. The beauty about eating at the stalls in Chinatown is that it's like eating in a food court - you can get food from different stalls and eat them altogether. We got Shaved Ice and Tiger Beer from another stall.

Salted Egg Custard Crab $52 SGD ($32.25 USD)

Steamed Scallops w/ Garlic & Scallions

Fresh Crab inside the Cage

Stall Front

Shaved Ice from Another Food Stall

Chinatown Crab Master 牛車水蟹廚神
Chinatown Stall #18
New Bridge Rd
Singapore 050336

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