Sunday, June 2, 2013

Chaya Downtown@Downtown LA ★★★

New Special Menu: Chaya Downtown Summer on the Grill. New BBQ & Kushiyaki Menu. Really like the Grilled Drunken Squid. It tasted really sweet, and the squid was not too chewy. Hanger Steak was nice. See the sizzling in action at the outdoor grill in the patio. Beer w/ Frozen Foam was a bomb. Large Sake Sangria was quite a deal. Free valet parking in the underground parking lot w/ validation.

Coffee Spiced Prime Hanger Steak w/ Caramelized Onion, Blue Cheese $14

Grilled Drunken Squid w/ Wasabi Aioli, Sweet Soy Sauce, Shichimi $12
Dragon Roll $13
spicy tuna, cucumber, eel & avocado outside, eel sauce

Kobe Beef Roll $14
spicy shrimp, asparagus, cucumber, kobe beef outside, balsamic reduction, eel sauce

Grilled Drunken Squid & Bratwurst Sausage Grilling in Action

Grilled Drunken Squid

Big Piece of Complimentary Bread

Pistachio Chocolate Chip Cookies $8
frangelico whipped cream

Sake Sangria (large jar) $12

Kirin Larger Beer w/ Frozen Foam $5

Kirin Larger Beer (Pitcher) $14
Chaya Downtown
525 S Flower St
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 236-9577

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