Friday, January 1, 2016

Osechi Ryori お節料理@Tokyo ★★★

Amazing Multi-Course New Year Celebration at Home Stay in Tokyo. Impressive traditional Japanese home-cooking with 48 hours of preparation. Exquisite presentation. This tradition lasts for a few hours with endless food, alcohol, chatting, fun, and laughter. Lucky enough to have this lifetime experience.

First Course - Appetizer
yam, egg from Tsukiji, candied fish, salmon roe, egg, fishcakes, herring roe cubes

Egg from Tsukiji, Fish, Egg, Fishcakes

Bamboo Shoots, Sweet Peas, Konnyaku, Carrots, Lotus Roots

Sweet Beans

Salted Fish Covered with Salt

Breaking Open the Salted Fish "Shell" with a Wooden Hammer

Salted Fish after Breaking the Salted Shell

Endless Alcohol

Kirin Bitters 8% Vodka Hard Liquor with Lemon Lime

A Wide Selection of Sake Glasses to Choose from Like Traditional Japanese Restaurant

My Pick for the Day - Double Phoenix



Roasted Beef - the feast with a blend of Western Culture

Freshly Grated Wasabi

Rice Cake Soup with a Hint of Yuzu

The Amazing Watabiki Family with Great Hospitality

Japanese Floral Arrangement

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