Sunday, April 12, 2020

Uni Ramen ★★

Instant Ramen Enhanced. Bought this Uni Ramen when I was in Hokkaido. Added Real Uni, Mushroom, and Dried Shiso Leaf to it. Adding Spinach would be good too. The broth did not have a strong uni flavor, but it's still nice and fun to try. Need to get more of this next time I go to Hokkaido.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Tororo Soba Recipe ★★★

My All-Time Favorite Simple Vegetarian Dish. Tororo is made from grated Japanese Mountain Yam. Takes plain buckwheat soba to another level. I also topped the soba with sliced seaweed (pre-packaged and pre-sliced), chopping spring onions, sliced shiitake mushroom, and wasabi while dipping it into the soba soy sauce. I oven baked the Eggplant after mixing it with olive oil, mirin (Japanese cooking wine), and miso paste, but I think I will show a better version next time. Edamame beans and Hot Green Tea are great accompanies.

Yamaimo – Japanese Mountain Yam
Use peeler to peel off skin and grate for slimy texture

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Korean Tofu Bowl Recipe

Quick Korean Food Fix. Bought BCD Tofu Bowl Packet in the refrigerated section from Japanese supermarket. I comes with the sauce and tofu. Just need to add ingredients. I added shrimp, beef, soft-boiled egg, napa cabbage, and spring onions. It's good with rice. Also paired it with Korean Kimchee Pancake from the frozen aisle in the market (also available at Trader Joe's).

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Japanese Gratin with Shrimp Recipe ★★★

Restaurant Style Gratin. Cheesy gratin made with gratin mix. My first time making it. I love adding rice on the bottom layer before baking. Recipe below. Might try adding white wine to it next time.

Prep Ingredients + Milk + Cheese + Rice

Chardonnay – Perfect Pairing for the Seafood Gratin

Japanese Macaroni Gratin Mix (brought from Japanese grocery store)
1/2 Onion – sliced
Shrimps (or any seafood or meat)
Water – Room Temperature – 1 cup
Milk – 1/3 cup
Butter – as needed
Parmesan Cheese – as needed
Parsley (optional) – chopped

1. Cook Rice in Rice Bowl (The brand I like to use is Temaki from Marukai Japanese Market). Preheat oven at 480°F.
2. Heat a tablespoon of butter in pan. Stir in sliced onions until brown. Add shrimps.
3. Add water, milk, macaroni, and gratin powder from package. Mix well with wooden spoon. Boil until thickened. Turn to low heat and stir for another 3 minutes.
4. Butter baking dish (will need deeper dish than pictured). Add a layer of rice on the bottom. Pour mixture from pan to baking dish. Cover with Parmesan Cheese. Make for 10-12 minutes until slightly burnt.
5. Sprinkle with chopped parsley (optional).

Home Cooking Menu ★★★

Safer at Home Cooking. Hope everyone is well and staying safe at home. We bought enough groceries to stay at home 100% for the next 2 weeks. Below is what we will be eating.

*Chef's Recommendation

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Pasta fritt Pop-Up@Los Angeles ★★★

New Fried Pasta. Italian comfort food that satisfies both the cravings for fried food and pasta in one. Marinara or Alfredo sauce available for $0.50. The Marinara sauce goes with the fried pasta very well.

Il Classico $9
the original – creamy pasta with Bolognese Meat Sauce

L'americana $8
mac 'n cheese

Follow Instagram @pasta_fritt for pop-up info

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Sushi Nakazawa@New York ★

Jiro's Apprentice. 1 Michelin Star. Nice but it's not like Jiro's. On a positive note, they did not copy Jiro. Opening in LA soon. Omakase $150 per person. A5 Wagyu add $15. Ordered $65 of wine.

Ivory King Salmon w/ Okinawan Sea Salt



Ivory King Salmon

Hotate (Scallop) w/ Yuzu Kosho

Ika (Squid) w/ Umeboshi & Shiso Leaf

Dungeness Crab

Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp)

Red Snapper

Tuna Trio: Lean, Medium Fatty, & Fatty

A5 Wagyu Beef


Marinated Ikura


Anago (Sea Eel)


Japanese Tea

Mochi Dessert

Sushi Nakazawa
23 Commerce St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 924-2212