Monday, July 4, 2011

Lake Yellowstone Hotel Dining Room@Yellowstone ★★★

Bread & Biscuits

Piña Colada (non-alcoholic) $3.75 

Mammoth Lemonade $5.75
44 degrees north huckleberry vodka, lemonade and cranberry juice combine for a thirst quenching refresher

Velvet Corn Soup $4.25
portabella duxelles, chive oil

Shrimp Special $19.95

Beef Tenderloin $30.00
bordelaise sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetable, 6oz

Blackened Wild Alaska Salmon $39.95 (market price)
corn and scallion risotto, lemon-lime glaze, seasonal vegetable, 6oz

Mixed Game Sliders $12.95
2oz bison, antelope and elk mini-burgers, romaine lettuce, fresh tomato, onion, waffle fries

Creme Brulee Cheesecake $7.95
creme brulee layered and mingled with the lightest of cheesecake

Lake Yellowstone Hotel Dining Room (Lake Yellowstone Hotel)
Lake Village Rd, Lake Village,
Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190
(307) 344-7311


restaurant insurance said...

They serve some delicious choices of breakfast meals. It's worth a visit for some refreshing cuisine.

Unknown said...

Mammoth Lemonade is very enticing! I wish I could taste something similar to this refreshment here at restaurants in Norwich .

sturgo said...

Beef Tenderloin with
bordelaise sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetable is just heavenly. At $30.00 it is a great dish.

jessie bobsy said...

The food presentation is very delicate and elegant. That Velvet Corn Soup is cook to perfection. I've never seen a soup that looks so good.

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Erica White said...

The Shrimp Special is so scrumptious and the food serving size is enormous. I've been to Long Island wedding halls before where they served this dish and the taste was just unforgettable.