Sunday, February 24, 2013

Golden Deli@San Gabriel ★★★

Best Pho in Town. Enough said. The waiting line explains it. The Coconut Milk Rice Noodle is definitely something new to the typical Vietnamese vermicelli we are used to. Thai Tea Cupcake was awesome. Need to wait in line to get a seat.

1. Pho Dac Biet - Large Combo w/ Rare & Well Cooked Beef, Tendon & Tripe w/ Rice Noodle Soup $6.75
add beefball $1.00

63A. Banh Tam Bi & Chao Tom & Cha Gio - Shredded Pork & Shrimp Paste, Egg Roll & Coconut Milk w/ Large Rice Noodle $7.50

Thai Tea Cupcake $2.50
How it looks like in real life. Despite of that, it tasted delicious!

Thai Tea Cupcake - how it looks like in the photo

D7. Che Ba Mau - Mixed of Mung Bean, Red Bean w/ Jello & Coconut Milk $2.50

D19.Tra Thai - Thai Iced Tea $2.25

Golden Deli (越南餐室)
815 W Las Tunas Dr
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 308-0803


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Actually the thai tea cupcakes do look like that in the summer time (when its too hot for the whipped cream to be stable -so instead i make it with a vanilla buttercream and drizzle tea on top) but i do prefer the whipped cream (considering thats basically whats in thai tea) although its not as pretty. Im glad you enjoyed it though! :)

syori the foodie said...

Heh. Thank you for your explanation! That explains why. Awesome job on the cupcake. Such innovation. So now I know this one with the whipped cream is actually better :p Gotta try it again with buttercream and tea in the summer!

Unknown said...

I hate the summer...makes it so hard to make pretty cakes. Lol but hey if you have any suggestions, id be happy to make them! :)

syori the foodie said...

haha. That's why Sprinkles have these heavy frosting to make it stay huh. Green Tea Cupcake might be nice, but it's probably already out there. Milk Tea Cupcake?
So do you work at Golden Deli or do you own a cupcake business? I would like to know more about your cupcakes! I tried a bakery called Moist and Creamy recently. Their Taihitian Vanilla Bean Cake was super great! Do you make birthday cakes too?

Unknown said...

I work at deli full time, i make cakes on my time we actually have a green tea red bean this week...and ive also made a mango milk tea (one of my favorites) but i havent figured out how to make that one "pretty". I think sprinkles uses butter and a lot of sugar...too sweet for me but their red velvet is ok. Lol. I do make cakes but right now i have so many custom orders...busy making decorations when im not at work...exhauated haha. Where is moist and creamy? Ive yelped a couple places in pasadena but havent tried them out. If you have an instagram you can check out what ive done and what flavors will be coming out (for that week)

syori the foodie said...

Mango milk tea sounds really good! I think your cupcakes look nice with the tea drizzle. does it not work on whipped cream?

Moist and Creamy doesn't have a store, but they sell at Century City Farmers Market every Thursday 11am-2pm.

I have instagram. What's your screen name? Mine is syoriman. Need to check out your work ;)

syori the foodie said...

Here are some cupcakes I like:


Innovative Packaging:

syori the foodie said...

wow, that's great! I love your idea of mini pie cupcake. You can put a cherry on top too :p I will need to order from you~
There's also this thing called cake pop - basically a lollipop-like cupcake. Cupcake on a stick and coated with frosting. They sell a machine for that at Best Buy~

Unknown said...

I made a halloween cake pop before...made little jack-o-laterns lol its better to make ur own than use the pans...they stay moist longer