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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Miscellaneous Food@Germany ★★

Miscellaneous Food & Drinks@Berlin+Frankfurt.

Chocolate Cappuccino@Starbucks

Hot Chocolate@Einstein Kaffee

Kinder Country - Chocolate Covered Cereal

Cake@McDonald's Mc Cafe for 1,00 euro

Fanta Orange

Free Apple Cake for Tasting@Q110 (Kitchen Equipment Demo)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Zillemarkt@Berlin Germany ★★

Traditional German food. Huge portions. Berliner Allerlei is a sample of everything - Stuffed Cabbage, Fried Sausage, Peas Pudding, Boiled Pork Knuckle, Pork Burger, Kasseler Chop, Sausage with Hot Tomato Curry Sauce, Sauerkraut, and Sauté Potatoes.

Potato Soup 4 euro - Very Filling

Berliner Allerlei 13,90 euro per person (min. 2 orders)

Berliner Allerlei 13,90 euro per person (min. 2 orders)

Fried Calamaries in Beer 9,20 euro

Zillebräu (German Beer) 0.5L 3,50 euro

Zillemarkt Caféhaus Restaurant
Bleibtreustraße 48a (Subway: Kurfürstendamm)
10623 Berlin, Germany
030 8817040

Allegretto Café@Berlin Germany ★★

Only place you can go during the visit at the Neues Museum. Pretty decent cafe for sandwiches, cake, and drinks.

Schwarzwälder Rusti-Krusti (Black Forrest Ham) 3,90 euro

Kaffeetorte (Coffee Cake) 2,30 euro

Kaffeetorte (Coffee Cake) 2,30 euro

Chai Tea 2,90 euro

Hazelnut Milchshake Classic 4 euro

Allegretto Café Neues Museum
Bodestr. 1
10178 Berlin
030 28 04 23 07

Westin Grand Hotel@Berlin Germany ★★★

Great Breakfast. Lots of choices. Omelets are custom made with cheese that tastes like wine.

Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast Buffet




Piña Colada

Westin Grand Hotel Berlin
Friedrichstraße 158-164
10117 Berlin, Germany
49 30 20270

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zander@Berlin Germany ★★

Nice Italian Restaurant. Germany trip. Three courses 38 euro, four courses 44 euro, five courses 49 euro.

From the Kitchen: Tongues of Calves and Potato Cake

Red Cabbage Tea Soup - Bitter...

Red Cabbage Tea Soup - Bitter...


Lobster and Steak

Linum Pastured Calf

North Sea Coalfish

Cheesecake with Mango

Risotto Cream - PX Ice Cream and Cloves

Bleux de Gex - Pear and Salt Brittle

Kollwitzstraße 50 (Subway: Senefelderplatz)
10405 Berlin, Germany
030 44057678