Saturday, February 13, 2016

Japaneiro Asian Infusion@Las Vegas ★★

Chef from Nobu. Nice decent food. Great for late night Happy Hour. Special: Free Bone Marrow with purchase of select bottle of wine.

Salmon Taco (Happy Hour) $1.50
wasabi aioli, red onion, jalapeno salsa

Salmon Lotus Chip (Happy Hour) $4.50

Beef Kushi (Happy Hour) $2.50

Black Cod Butter Lettuce Wrap (Happy Hour) $4.50 2 pieces

Shigoku Uni w/ Foie Gras $10

Truffle Bone Marrow $22

b $36/bottle ($9.50/glass)
an effusive bouquet of lemon zest, broiche & white sage

Japaneiro Special Fried Rice $6

Tuna Taco, Beef Taco (Happy Hour) $1.50 each
wasabi aioli, red onion, jalapeno salsa

Banana Harumaki w/ Hoji $10

Japaneiro Asian Infusion
7315 W Warm Springs Rd
Ste 170
Las Vegas, NV 89113
(702) 260-8668

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