Sunday, June 12, 2022

Half & Half Good Old Time Cafe@San Gabriel ★★★

Cozy Authentic Taiwanese Cafe. I actually prefer Half & Half over the 2-Michelin-star-restaurant Kato in terms of price-worth and service. It's 1/10 of Kato's price with better service. Amazed by the attentiveness of the servers in the cafe. Been in love with their Noodle Soup with Thick Clear Noodles since my college time. You can choose different noodles and toppings. Satay Udon Soup could get oily sometimes. Have communal condiments in the back. Chicken Nuggets are Popcorn Chicken in generous portion. Boba Milk Tea is usually on the sweet side, so I recommend requesting 50% sweetness instead. The only downside is that their MSG is a bit heavy, so make sure to drink lots of water to keep hydrated. Mark on their paper menu to order. Best to come when they open to avoid the wait. Free parking in lot.

Good Old Time Noodle Soup w/ Thick Clear Noodles $10.68
mixed combination topping with garlic chips, spicy paste, bean sprouts, mushroom slices, and cilantro

Satay Udon Soup $9.68
poached egg, seafood balls, and vegetables

Chicken Nuggets $8.98
served with mayo on the side

Thick Clear Noodles

Boba Milk Tea $3.68
remember to ask for less sweetness

Cozy Interior

704 W Las Tunas Dr, Ste E2
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 576-8010

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