Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sushi Hiroba@Los Angeles ★★

Nice Sushi Rolls. Love all the food I ordered. I always add Quail Egg to Masago Sushi. The Tempura Cheesecake is something new.

Green Bunny Ball $7.95

Green Bunny Ball $7.95

Amaebi Sushi $7.95

Amaebi Sushi $7.95

Amaebi Sushi $7.95

Salmon Sushi $3.00

Godzilla Roll $12.95

Masago Sushi with Quail Egg $3.50

Tempura Cheesecake $6.95

Sushi Hiroba
776 Vine Street
Los Angeles, CA 90038-3723
(323) 962-7237


No. 4 is No.1 said...

Tempura Cheesecake ? That must be good.

syori the foodie said...

@No.4 is No.1: Yup! It's something new to me!