Saturday, February 24, 2024

Gokumi@Santa Ana ★★★

Amazing Izakaya Restaurant in Santa Ana. Specializes in Yakitori, Ramen, and Fifth Taste Sake. Reasonable price. Ramen has nice egg flavor to it. Ryo-san is an amazing & dedicated Yakitori Chef. Our server Yono-san is down-to-earth, honest, and is great with his recommendations for the seasonal items. Team came from Honda-ya. Great place to dine around Disneyland area. Love the free Edamame (can choose truffle oil if available) upon Yelp check-in, especially to pair w/ sake. Free limited parking in lot.

Pork Belly w/ Plum Shiso $4, Shrimp $5.50, Shitake Mushrooms $3, American Wagyu Tongue $7.50, Chicken Liver $3.75, Brussels Sprouts w/ Pork $3.75

Braised Beef Tongue $10

Koueigiku Harujikon Muroka Nama Genshu Sake $80
distributed & imported by Fifth Taste

Edamame with Truffle Oil (Free w/ Yelp Check-In)

Shrimp $5.50, Shitake Mushrooms $3, American Wagyu Tongue $7.50

Oyster $4 each

Chicken Skin $3.50

Thigh w/ Spring Onions $3.75, Chicken Wings $4.50, Zucchini $3, Pork Belly w/ Plum Shiso $4

Shrimp Ramen $17
shrimps, sprouts, spring onion

Ginko Nuts $2.50, Fatty Heart $4, Skirt Steak $8.50

Scallop $3.50


Amazing Yakitori Chef Ryo-san

2 Hutton Centre Dr, #203
Santa Ana, CA 92707​
(714) 617-4540

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