Saturday, March 30, 2024

Gokumi@Santa Ana ★★★

Amazing Izakaya Restaurant in Santa Ana. Specializes in Yakitori, Ramen, and Fifth Taste Sake. Reasonable price. Great place to dine around Disneyland area. Love the free Edamame (can choose truffle oil) upon Yelp check-in, some vegetables and pairs well w/ sake. Green tea $2.50. Free limited parking in lot.

American Wagyu Tongue $7.50, Shitake Mushrooms $3, Ginkgo Nut $2.50, Pork Belly w/ Plum Shiso $4, Thigh w/ Onions $3.75

Edamame with Truffle Oil (Free w/ Yelp Check-In)

Abe Junmai Ginjo $85

Spicy Chicken Liver $7

Pork Belly w/ Plum Shiso $4, Brussels Sprouts w/ Pork $3.75, Shrimp $5.50, Zucchini $3, Skirt Steak $8.50, Chicken Skin $3.50

Grilled Oyster $4 each

Shrimp Ramen $17 (Corn add $0.75)

Grilled Scallop $3.50

2 Hutton Centre Dr, #203
Santa Ana, CA 92707​
(714) 617-4540

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