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Saturday, November 11, 2023

The Dining Project Pop-Up@Long Beach ★★★

Amazing 6-Course Tasting Dinner Pop-Up. Great fine dining quality and price point. The A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef grilled with Binchotan coal from Japan was amazing. (They purchased for $1,700) Generous portions. Even got to take a loaf of Focaccia bread home. Chef James Caveness is nice and professional along with aspiring Chef Andrew. James started his culinary venture since he was 15. He relates dishes with his personal story. Great service from our server, Shannon. It was a nice surprise to find out that 4 glasses of wine pairing (with refills) were already included.  The Dining Project features aspiring chefs. Knew about this project from Instagram. Intimate 4-6 seats at counter. $145 per person. Limited street parking.

Pinot Gris Pairing

Cruciferous Vegetables
ginger, toasted oak jelly, salsa matcha

Cruciferous Vegetables with Pinot Gris Pairing

autumn squash, balsamic vinegar, pumpkin oil

Chardonnay Pairing

Pork Gyoza
XO, tonkotsu, cilantro & chives

End pieces of Free Range Chicken (Wellington)

Cabernet Sauvignon Pairing

Free Range Chicken (Wellington), Smoked Chicken Tortellini
gruyere, potato, brown butter veloute

Syrah Pairing

A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef from Japan Grilled w/ Binchotan

salsify, chanterelle, maitake, black garlic jus

A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef from Japan Grilled w/ Binchotan


Lemon & Ginger Tea


Parsnip Tres Leches
apple, lemon, thyme, cinnamon

Mango Cotton Candy w/ Spices

The Dining Project Pop-Up
Partake Collective
456 Elm Ave
Long Beach, CA  90802