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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Joseon@Silver Lake ★★★

Best Korean Food w/ Modern Twist. Friends & Family pre-opening by TV personality Debbie Lee (Morimoto's Sushi Master). Beautiful presentation w/ personal touch with tribute to her Northern Korean roots. Fine ingredients. Amazing taste with a pop of crispy accent texture in some dishes. Love Debbie's rendition of Korean seafood. A night full of culinary surprise for the taste buds. Debbie keeps striving for perfection in her culinary creativity. My new Korean comfort food. 5-course menu $79. 7-course menu $99. Good deal. Add-ons were delicious. Highly recommended. Opening to public 10/6. Reservations via Resy. Valet $12 or very limited street parking (read signs).

Crispy Kakiage Vegetable Tempura (compliments of the chef)

죽 Juk | Porridge
Kabocha Squash Porridge, Jujubee Romesco, Crispy Korean Leek, Garlic Chive Oil

회 Hoe/Hwe | Tartare (option 1)
Hall Farmstead Wagyu Beef Tartare, Asian Pear, Salted Egg Yolk, Perilla, Seaweed Cracker

회 Hoe/Hwe | Tartare (option 2)
Rose Crudo of the day, Pluot, Gochugaru Buttermilk, Onion Sprout

전 Jeon | Egg Battered
Egg White Battered Squash Blossom, Vegetable Tofu Ricotta, Soy Eggplant Tahini

만두 Wang Mandu | Royal Dumplings
Ginger Pork Rillette, King Oyster Mushroom Fume, Shitake Chicharrones

구이 Gui | BBQ (option 2)
Grilled Blue Prawns, Seoul Style Leche de Tigre, Ssam Style

구이 Gui | BBQ (option 1)
Hall Farmstead Wagyu Beef Tongue, Asparagus, Shimeji, Classic Bulgogi Sauce

찜 Jjim | Braised Stew (option 1)
Eundaegu Jjorim, Deconstructed Pimento Black Cod, Daikon Puree, Korean Leek

찜 Jjim | Braised Stew (option 2)
Gori Jjim, aka Wagyu Oxtail, Purple Rice Cake, Weiser Farms Sunchoke Puree, Fall Braised Vegetables

떡/국수 Tteok | Rice (option 2)
Tteok Guk, Celebratory Rice Cake Soup, Halmuni Bone Broth, Wagyu Brisket, Crispy Tteok, Tamagoyaki Style Omelet

떡/국수 Guksu | Noodles (option 1)
Kongguksu, Chilled Soybean Milk Noodles, Tomato Muchim, Pickled Fresno, Bottarga

Marinated Melon


Platters to share: Abalone Two Ways: (add-on)
Abalone Sashimi, Kimchee Mignonette
Abalone Juk (Porridge), Crispy Shallots, Gochu Oil

Bone Marrow (add-on)
Shila Inspired Wagyu Roasted Bone Marrow, Oxtail, Seoul Style Chimichurri, Salt Cured Egg, Sesame Flatbread

Platters to share: Bossam (add-on)
Berkshire Pork Belly, Plum Glaze, Pluot Ssamjang, Soy Caramelized Roasted Kabocha, Weiser Farms Melon Minari Salad, Coleman Farms Little Gem, House Kimchee

"500 Years" Jinmaek Soju Oak (Reserve)

"500 Years" Jinmaek Soju Oak (Reserve)

Picture w/ Debbie Lee at her last pop-up

3707 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 258-4650

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Yi Cha Pop-up@Melody LA Silver Lake ★★★

Yi Cha Pop-Up@Melody. July 31 - Aug 1. Nice Korean food with spiced flavors by Chef Debbie Lee, as seen on reality TV cooking show Morimoto's Sushi Master. Takacho “Regal Hawk” Sake is on the sweet side and pairs well with spicy Korean food. Very limited street parking in Silver Lake area.

Abalone Sashimi, Kimchee Mignonette $19

Kumamoto Oysters 1/2 dozen $30 (from Melody)
champan's cove, WA

Farmer's Market Crudite, Housemade Garlic Chive, Creme Fraiche, Preserved Meyer Lemon
+ House Marinated Ikura $13

Kongguksu, Northern Cold Soymilk Sesame Noodles, Tomato Muchim, Pine Nuts, Pickled Fresno
+ Shaved Bottarga (recommended) $23

Takacho “Regal Hawk” Sake $70

Hall Farmstead Wagyu Beef Robata, Scallion, Doenjang Sake Glaze $15

Braised Oxtail Tteokboki, Royal Stir-Fried Rice Cakes, Summer Vegetables, Ssamjang $23

Marinated Melon compliments of the chef

Chef Debbie Lee!

751 N Virgil Ave Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 922-6037

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Black Hogg@Silver Lake ★★★

dineLA time. Everything was exceptional. Seasoning was done just right. Uni Toast for Amuse Bouche was awesome. Love the Bone Marrow with Sweet Corn. Definitely Milk and Honey Panna Cotta for dessert. dineLA is $40 per person.

Amuse Bouche - Uni Toast

Roast Brussels Sprout Hash
twice-cooked baby brussels, fingerling potatoes, bacon vinaigrette, poached egg

Pork Belly Tacos
slow roasted heritage pork belly, fuji apple slaw, jalapeño relish

53rd and 6th Lamb and Rice
slow-cooked lamb belly, basamati rice, harissa slaw, garlic cream

Bone Marrow Street Corn
grilled sweet corn, shimeji mushrooms, cotija cheese, chile piquing, roast marrow bone

Milk and Honey
pure milk panna cotta, raspberries, honeycomb crumble

Five Leches Bread Pudding
brioche, brown butter apples, toasted pecans, melty vanilla ice cream

Champagne Cocktail $9
sparkling wine, sugar, aromatic bitters, lemon
(tried-and-true classic cocktail)

Black Hogg
2852 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 953-2820

Friday, June 17, 2011

El Caserio@Silver Lake ★★★

Ecuadorian + Italian Food. I tried their authentic Ecuadorian seafood dish Casuela Marinera. Super good. The peanut sauce made it taste a bit like Thai food. The Fusilli ai due Funghi is just simply delicious with the mushroom.

Casuela Marinera $22
fresh shellfish baked in ecuadorian casuela sauce made with plantain, peanuts and spiced. finish au gratin

Fusilli ai due Funghi $14
cork screw pasta, portobello and dry italian porcini mushrooms, sautéed in port wine sauce with a touch of cream and fresh herbs

Salmone Bellissimo $18
fresh salmon filet in a light baby dill sauce

Restaurant Ecuatoriano El Caserio
309 N Virgil Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 664-9266