Saturday, October 19, 2013

FoodStory@Downtown LA ★★★

Amazing Home Cooking Class at FoodStory. It's a home cooking party where you learn to cook and eat what you made. Super fun. Easy Home Sushi Making Class is $65 per person. Class size is intimate - 9 people, to ensure participation & attention. The fun lasts for 3 hours.

Temari (Hand Ball) Sushi I Made at the Class

Maki Sushi My Classmates Made

Yoko-san Explaining Various Japanese Seasoning Sauces

Mixing Sushi Rice

Yoko-san Demonstrating How to Cut the Tuna

Great Nori (Sushi Seaweed) Brand

The Making of My inside-out California Roll

Inside-out California Roll I Made

Weighing the Sushi Rice at only 3/4 ounce (20 grams) for Temaru Sushi. Very precise.

Fancy Gold Leaf to Put on Top of Temaru Sushi

Fancy Gold Leaf to Put on Top of Temaru Sushi

Ingredients for Making Maki Rolls

Yoko-san Making Rainbow Roll from Leftover Sashimi

Homemade Ginger & Radish

Getting Ready to Eat our Master Creations

Sushi the Class Made

High Quality Wasabi

Homemade Ginger & Radish

Clear Soup with Mushroom
Temari (Hand Ball) Sushi I Made at the Class
accompanied with soup

460 S Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(310) 853-3663


Lunch Afficianado said...

That looks like a lot of fun!!!

I went to Church & State after I left your office today. I wish there were more French restaurants in town. Meet in Culver City is just OK and Bouchon in Beverly Hills is a bit too expensive. Am I missing some place?

syori the foodie said...

Hi there! Yup! It's a lot of fun! I am going back again for Ramen class very soon!
I am not a big fan of French restaurants, but there are The Little Next Door and The Little Door in Mid-City West? I have another restaurant to show you soon~