Thursday, December 14, 2023

Torimatsu@Gardena ★★★

Best Yakitori in Town. Sasami Ponzu (Raw Chicken Breast) is not to be missed. Loved the Stuffed Lotus Root. Highly recommend pairing Yakitori w/ Beer. Soboro (Grated Chicken) Rice is nice to end the meal with. Their fruit sorbet is stuffed inside the fruit. Super cute. Great pricing. Quick & nice service on weekday early evening. The bill came out to be $116.25 + tax. Counter has the best seating. Located right next to Sushi Sonagi. Free parking in lot. I go to Torimatsu, Torihei, Koshiji, and Shin-Sen-Gumi for Yakitori in the area.

Okura (Okra) $3.50, Tsukune (Grated Chicken Meatballs) $3.75

Asahi (large) $11

Shiso Maki $3.75
perilla w/ chicken

Sasami Ponzu $11
raw chicken breast w/ ponzu sauce

Motsu (Liver) $3.75, Stuffed Lotus Root $3.75, Negi-Niku $3.75

Nasu (Eggplant) $7

Vegetables w/ Miso

Soboro Rice $8.50
grated chicken on rice

Ginnan (Ginko Nuts) $3.50

Negi-Niku $3.75

Yaki-Onigiri $5.50 (takes 20-30 minutes)

Peach Fruit Sorbet $8.50

1425 W Artesia Blvd
Gardena, CA 90248
(310) 538-5764

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