Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Furaibo 風来坊@Sawtelle ★

Long-Standing Cozy Japanese Restaurant since My College Time. Good food and reasonable pricing. Features Chicken Wings & Yakitori. Okra is always my favorite. Ishikari Nabe is always great with the tasty soup base, especially in the cold winter. Unagi is probably from China and had too much sauce on top. Walk-in ok. Will come back again. Sapporo pitcher $18.50 (good deal). Hot tea is complimentary. Limited free parking in rear.

Nagoya Hot Wings $9.75
spicy sweet chicken wings

Okura (Okra) $4 (1 skewer)

Miso Soup for Dinner Box

K. Unagi Dinner Box $26.95
Broiled Fresh Water Eel Topped w/ Unagi Sauce
includes salad, rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, stewed potato w/ meat & vegetables, pork cutlet, shrimp cooked in shell

Ishikari Nabe $14.50
Japanese miso broth with salmon, shrimp, scallop, tofu, enoki mushrooms, nappa cabbage

Furaibo Restaurant
2068 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 444-1432

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