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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Kenzo Napa Restaurant@Napa ★★★

Exquisite Kaiseki Fine Dining. 1 Michelin star. Excellent food & wine paring. A5 Satsuma Wagyu Tenderloin Okakiage was like ultra premium Gyukatsu – soft, juicy, & tasty. Went to their restaurant after visiting the Kenzo Estate winery (2 separate locations). Our 3rd time returning. We had Chef Yuta Suzuki at our counter, who just came from Japan. Great service from Alexis. $275 pp w/ service charge included. Had fantastic wine pairing for $180, which included wine from Kenzo Estate. Reservation was made via OpenTable for 8:30pm seating (booked a month prior).

Compare to July 3, 2020 visit:

Seaonal Hassun
kanagawa saba mackerel w/ grain mustard, crispy hokkaido scallop, sesame tofu, string beans w/ yuzu infused miso, persimmon & japanese pear w/ tofu dressing

suzu Sparkling Rosé 2019

Seared Oita Barracuda
estate grown eggplant, grilled maitake mushrooms, autumn king grapes & sudachi citrus

asatsuyu Sauvignon Blanc 2022

Chiba Spiny Lobster Owan
signature dashi broth, lotus root cake, spinach & yuzu

Kagoshima Sea Bream Sashimi
bottarga, arugula, shizuoka wasabi & pickled plum inflused soy sauce

Grilled Nagasaki Seaperch
zucchini & rice vinegar marinated Japanese yam

yui Rosé 2022

murasaki 2019

Sweet & Savory Soy Sauce Simmered Wagyu Beef Tendon Spring Roll
shiitake mushrooms, shiso leaves, turnip & scallions

ai 2019

A5 Satsuma Wagyu Tenderloin Okakiage
cauliflower, brussels sprouts & yuzu pepper sabayon

Interesting Sake Cup

Hokkaido Sea Urchin, Ikura & Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna Toro Rice Bowl
served w/ red miso soup

Red Miso Soup

Chef's Featured Desserts

Kenzo Restaurant
1339 Pearl Street
Napa, California 94559
(707) 294-2049

Kenzo Estate Winery@Napa ★★★

Tour & Wine Tasting at Premium Japanese Winery in Napa. Excellent wine. Kenzo is the founder of Capcom (Street Fighter). We were greeted with a glass of 2019 sei sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, followed by history and tour of the beautiful winery, then tasting. We were able to purchase and open another bottle of wine at the end of the tasting. Estate tour & tasting $110 per person. Reservation via Tock. Went to their kaiseki restaurant for dinner the same night.

Compare to July 3, 2020 visit:

Welcome Drink - sei Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc

Got to try the grapes

Grape Tasting

Private Tasting Room with a Fantastic View

asatsuyu Sauvigonon Blanc 2022 $90

ren Sparkling Semillon 2020

Kenzo Estate
3200 Monticello Road,
Napa, CA 94558
(707) 256-1555