Thursday, June 30, 2011

Echigo@Santa Monica ★★★

Let me put it this way:
MY FAVORITE SUSHI RESTAURANT EVER~!! Authentic, Traditional, Fresh, High Quality, Grade A+. Omakase (trust-the-chef sushi) is about $45 per person. The Salmon Roe Sushi is highly recommended. They are very generous with their Salmon Roes and it tastes sweet. Blue Crab Roll is heaven. They are so authentic that they don't serve California Rolls.

Salmon Roe $6.60 2 pcs

Uni $8.40 2 pcs

Omakase#1: Hamachi

Omakase#2: Toro

Omakase#3: Halibut

Omakase#4: Scallop

Omakase#5: Bonito

Omakase#6: Kanpachi

Omakase#7: Baby Tuna

Omakase#8: Japanese Snapper with Lemon Salt

Omakase#9: Albacore I think

Omakase#10: Ono

Omakase#11: Blue Crab Roll

Red Snapper $7.00

Shima Aji $7.00

Orange Clam $5.80

Salmon $5.20 2 pcs

Amaebi $8.00 2 pcs

12217 Santa Monica Blvd
Ste 201
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 820-9787


LaLa said...

delicious....can't believe I missed out on the Salmon Roe afterall >_______<

syori the foodie said...

it's ok~~~ we will go again some time in the future~~

Isaac said...

Looks good, I want to go too. haha

syori the foodie said...

yes, must try!!

Cmdr Bill said...

Great shots! Did you get a 5D Mark II? What lens did you use?

Cmdr Bill said...

That previous comment was from me...

syori the foodie said...

@Cmdr Bill: Thanks!! Still using my good old camera ;D if I am gonna get a new camera, it'd be 7D~ I used my Sushi Lens: 60mm prime lens, my reserved lens for sushi~!!