Monday, September 23, 2013

Paiche@Marina del Rey ★★★

Impressive Peruvian Fusion with a Blend of Japanese. Same owner as Picca and Mo-Chia. Unusual foods that tasted fantastic. Tapas style. 3-4 dishes per person recommended, one from each category. Uni dishes were excellent. Uni Shrimp Toast & Uni Risotto (with crispy surprise) are must-try. Definitely try their signature Amazonian fish Paiche, which looked and tasted like Short Rib. Aioli looked like Baked Cheese. Reminded me of Molecular Gastronomy. Lobster Fried Rice was a bit salty. Great friendly service.

Wagyu Beef $12
seared wagru, parmesan sauce, aji amarillo, vinaigrette, black truffle

Uni Shrimp Toast $14
sea urchin, shrimp paste, rocoto honey

Scallop Ceviche $12
"sashimi style"

Paiche Lettuce Wrap $12
grilled amazonian fish, anticucho miso marinated, crispy sweet potato

Pacu Ribs $12
amazonian fish ribs, anticucho lime miso, zapallo puree

Chaufa de Langosta $12
lobster, mixed seafood, fried rice

Arroz con Conchas Negras y Erizo $18
blood clams, sea urchin, risotto

Cheese Sample Complimentary from our Server

Chicha Raspadilla $9

Palma Fizz $13
quinoa vodka, lime, ginger, pomegranate reduction, rosewater, soda

Open Kitchen

13488 Maxella Ave
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 893-6100


Lunch Afficianado said...

How awesome!!!

Lunch Afficianado said...

So glad you made it over there!!!

syori the foodie said...

Thanks for the recommendation!! The restaurant is AMAZING!!! Love the Uni Shrimp Toast and Black Risotto!!!