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Monday, September 23, 2013

Paiche@Marina del Rey ★★★

Impressive Peruvian Fusion with a Blend of Japanese. Same owner as Picca and Mo-Chia. Unusual foods that tasted fantastic. Tapas style. 3-4 dishes per person recommended, one from each category. Uni dishes were excellent. Uni Shrimp Toast & Uni Risotto (with crispy surprise) are must-try. Definitely try their signature Amazonian fish Paiche, which looked and tasted like Short Rib. Aioli looked like Baked Cheese. Reminded me of Molecular Gastronomy. Lobster Fried Rice was a bit salty. Great friendly service.

Wagyu Beef $12
seared wagru, parmesan sauce, aji amarillo, vinaigrette, black truffle

Uni Shrimp Toast $14
sea urchin, shrimp paste, rocoto honey

Scallop Ceviche $12
"sashimi style"

Paiche Lettuce Wrap $12
grilled amazonian fish, anticucho miso marinated, crispy sweet potato

Pacu Ribs $12
amazonian fish ribs, anticucho lime miso, zapallo puree

Chaufa de Langosta $12
lobster, mixed seafood, fried rice

Arroz con Conchas Negras y Erizo $18
blood clams, sea urchin, risotto

Cheese Sample Complimentary from our Server

Chicha Raspadilla $9

Palma Fizz $13
quinoa vodka, lime, ginger, pomegranate reduction, rosewater, soda

Open Kitchen

13488 Maxella Ave
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 893-6100