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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cheng Can Cook: Negitoro Don ★★★

Making Negitoro Don with Premium Blue Fin Tuna. Fatty and Yum.

Blue Fin Tuna (Chutoro) from Spain (0.25 lb from Mitsuwa Market is about $10 for 1 person)
Salmon Roe (Ikura)
Shiso Leaves, coarsely chopped
Japanese Mountain Yam (Yamaimo), grated
Scallions, chopped
Seaweed (optional)
Rice Vinegar, 1 teaspoon
Soy Sauce, 1 tablespoon
Wasabi, 1 teaspoon

1. Mix Rice with Rice Vinegar, place in serving bowl.
2. Use a spoon to scrape off tendon from Toro, chop Toro, and place on top of rice.
3. Garnish with grated Japanese Mountain Yam (Tororo), Shiso Leaves, Scallions, Salmon Roe, and Wasabi.
4. Serve with soy sauce on the side.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yabu Restaurant@West LA ★★★

Fantastic, As Always. Love their Uni Sushi and Slimy Yamakake Cold Soba Noodles. Live Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp) Sushi so fresh. You can request them to fry the shrimp head for you.

Assorted Japanese Vegetable Tempura $9.50

Fried Shrimp Head for the Amebi Sushi

Toro Sushi $13.00, Sockeye  Live Amaebi Sushi $10.50, Scallop Sushi $6.50, Uni Sushi $9.50

Yamakake (Japanese Mountain Potato) Cold Soba Noodles $9.00

Negitoro Handroll $8.00

Green Tea Parfait $7.50

Yabu Restaurant
11820 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 473-9757