Wednesday, March 15, 2023

715 Sushi@Little Tokyo ★★★

Absolutely Amazing Michelin Star Omakase Restaurant. Exquisite and everything beautifully handcrafted. Traditional omakase with a blend of modern techniques. Can the reflection of the sushi from the glossiness of the plates. Love their concept of "Oma-sake" - let them pick the sake for you. They even have a pair of silver Doraemon sake cups. The newly released Ohmine Winter Arrival "Sparkling" Nigori was smooth and perfect for celebration. Elegant Swedish bottle design. The $300 Masumi Nanago Sake reminds me of the $800 Kuheiji HInoKISHI. Very distilled and pure with a good amount of alcohol level. Great service. Quiet, fun, and chill environment. Intimate 8-seat restaurant. Sushi Chef Seigo-san is from Osaka. Fun fact: the name 715 is actually derived from Seigo-san's name: Se (7), I (1), and Go (5). Clever! Diego-san is also the best photographer. $350 per person. Heard corkage fee is $100. Reservations via Tock. Super limited street metered parking or paid parking lot.

Hot Tea $4.50

Embroidered Hand Towel with "715"

Firefly Squid with Broccolini
pepper & sesame sauce

Ohmine Winter Arrival "Sparkling" Nigori $140

Smoked Spanish Mackerel
with seaweed sauce topped with sesame seeds and green onion

Ohmine Winter Arrival "Sparkling" Nigori

Steamed Tilefish with Broccolini & Turnip
sauce made with radish

Shiitake Chawanmushi with Black Truffle

Kazunoko (Herring Roe) - Perfect with Sake

Ankimo (Monkfish Liver)

Baby Seabream Cured with Cherry Blossom

Bluefish with Sweet Soy & Sansho Japanese Pepper

Kinmedai (Golden Eye Snapper)

Sawara (Spanish Mackerel)

Kamasu (Barracuda)

Nodoguro (Seaperch)

Bellfish Fritter with Sea Salt from Japan

Aji (Horse Mackerel)

Saba Roll
ginger, shiso leaf, sesame on top

Marinated Blue Fin Tuna (with seaweed)


Cute Bowl

Uni Rice with Hokkaido Uni on Top

Masumi Nanago $30/glass, $300/bottle
from "Oma-Sake", Diego-san's recommendation

Masumi Nanago $30/glass, $300/bottle
from "Oma-Sake"

Anago (Sea Eel)

Tamago (Egg)

Sea Perch & Golden Eye Snapper Soup

Chestnut Cake

Chestnut Cake for Birthday

Seigo-san is so fun!

738 East 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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