Friday, March 3, 2023

The Last of Wadatusmi

We recooked Chef Makoto-san's experimental Kamameshi
topped with extra of his signature marinated Ikura he gave us to take home

When my husband came home after work, he said, "Let's go to Makoto's." I replied, "No, they are closed. No more Makoto. No more Wadatsumi." All I have left is leftover from Chef Makoto-san's experimental Kamameshi. I put in a low heat CrockPot and heated it for 2 hours to create burned rice on the edges. I topped it with extra of Makoto-san's signature marinated Ilura he gave us to take home. It has been a rough week for us coping with restaurant closure. It's "just a restaurant". Why?

Spending Valentine's Day at Makoto-san's
February 14, 2023

Wadatsumi [private bar area] is like the real life version of Japanese TV series 深夜食堂 (Tokyo Midnight Series). The restaurant itself is fully operational, but once you are at the private bar area, it's another level of intimacy and personal bonding. It's pretty much a one-man-band behind the curtain. We admire him a lot with his multi-talented culinary skills and high level of execution. Whether it's appetizer, Hokkaido hairy crab, sashimi, tempura, oden, grilled fish collar, sushi, shabu shabu, sukiyaki, lobster, wagyu beef, panna cotta, or crème brûlée, he could make it all. It is not all about the food there, but it's also about the relationship with the chef and customers. When we book the private bar, no matter if it's for 2 people or 4 people, he would block off the area for the night. Then, during the 4 hours Kaiseki Omakase dinner, he would be at the bar in front of you and just serving you the whole time. He's the cook and server at the same time. One can imagine how many things we talk about and how much sake (we count in terms of bottles) and beer we drink during those 4 hours. Did I forget to mention the countless fun and laughter?

The traditional Japanese interiors at Wadatsumi is perfect for dressing up
February 24, 2023

Makoto-san is like a father figure to us. He takes care of us and treats us like family. He always puts 110% effort in his cooking to ensure that his customers enjoys the meal. He would try to serve us different dishes each time. He is kindhearted and very humble. When we have special requests, he would listen attentively and take notes. His flexibility and amazing attitude wins it all. He never says no. Once we randomly brought in a Crown Melon and asked if he could serve it. He was like, "sure!" and he would just prepare it for dessert. He deserves an award for all the thing he does for us. お世話になりました。

Me, My Husband, My Japanese Sister, Our Friend, Chef Makoto-san, and Manager Allie Yamamoto
after a 4-hour Christmas Eve dinner on December 24, 2022

All things considered, Wadatsumi is, or was, my #1 restaurant. It holds a dearly place in all of our hearts. We are very thankful for my Japanese sister to bring us to Wadatsumi and introduce Makoto-san to us. We are forever grateful for Makoto-san. We cannot and will not find a replacement for Wadatsumi (unless if he opens a new one). I suppose Gozen is somewhat similar but double the price tag and without the personal relationship and fun, or Yamakase for 3 times the price...



Final Hug on Closing Night
February 25, 2023

Farewell Dinner with Makoto-san before sending him back to Japan that night
February 26, 2023

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