Thursday, October 6, 2011

K-Zo@Culver City ★

dineLA@K-Zo. $44 for 3 course per person. I love their 6-mini-appetizer-plate.

"Rokuten Mori"
6 mini appetizer plate

Oyster Half Shell with Uni Caviar $14

Oyster Half Shell with Uni Caviar $14

Oyster Half Shell with Ponzu Sauce

Deluxe Sushi Assortment

Scallop Risotto
sautéed scallop on top of brown rice risotto with black truffle

Oyster Half Shell with Uni Caviar $14

Purple Haze $9
lychee & seasonal fresh fruit marinated in barley shochu

Langoustine & Mango Pinchos
langoustine and mango on a stick with yuzu cream sauce

Crab Spring Roll with Miso Sauce

Kobe Style Beef Tataki
thinly sliced seared kobe beef with garlic ponzu sauce

Salmon & Daikon
salmon sashimi rolled with daikon radish, garnished with salmon egg

Petit Sunrise Delight
tuna sashimi rolled with cucumber and topped with truffle soy dressing

Deluxe Sushi Assortment
chu-toro, kanpachi, salmon, white fish, albacore, japanese scallop, unagi nigiri and a blue crab handroll

Chocolate Fondant
warm chocolate cake, comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

K-Zo Original "Purple Parfait"
a scoop of vanilla ice cream, red beans, and mochi balls topped with purple sweet potato sauce

9240 Culver Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 202-8890

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