Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Sushi no Torico スシノトリコ@Umeda Osaka ★★

Creative Sushi Presentation. Fun experience. As seen on Instagram. Order with QR code. Minimum order 1 drink per person. All prices included tax. Online reservation available but not necessary.

海鮮なだれ寿司 (Seafood Sauce Sushi) 1,848 yen (tax included)
store recommendation

ゴロゴロ果実サワーマンゴー (Fruity Mango Sour) 605 yen
Complimentary Hijiki Snack

えびかに合戦~サーモン参戦~ (Sweet Shrimp & Crab Battle with Salmon) 968円
store recommendation

とろサーモンのレアカツ~ガリタルタル~ (Rare Salmon Toro Cutlet with Creamy Sauce) 869円
store recommendation

瓶ドン (Bottle Sashimi Rice Bowl) 990 yen

サーモンブラン (Salmon Blanc) 1,320 yen

いくらカクテル寿司 (Salmon Roe Cocktail Sushi) 869円
store recommendation

カシスビア (Black Current Beer) 462 yen

すし酒場 スシノトリコ
大阪府大阪市北区堂山町17-19 (5 mins walking from Umeda Station)
06-6361-1250 or 050-5890-9165

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