Sunday, April 28, 2024

n/soto@Mid-City ★★★

Amazing Izakaya by the Creators of 2 Michelin Stars n/naka. Decent food. Quality sushi. We asked if they have Kuheiji sake, which is not on the sake menu. They ended up having Kuheiji Eau du Désir (Junmai Daiginjo), which was amazing. Accepts walk-in, but reservation highly recommended. Corkage fee $30. Valet or street parking.

King Crab Monaka $26
rice cracker, toro, uni

Kuheiji Eau du Désir Junmai Daiginjo 2022 $90

Aori Ika Uni Sushi (big fin reef squid & uni) $16, Toro Osetra Sushi (Caviar) $21, Blue Crab Hand Roll $12

Toro Osetra (Caviar) Sushi $21 (2 pcs)

Brussels Sprouts & Salmon Skin Salad $16
red onion, poached egg

Sockeye Salmon Donabe $38
iwanori, mitsuba, ikura

Pickles for Donabe

Nori for Donabe

Agedashi Mochi $12
shrimp, shiso, wood ear mushroom

Miso Baked Bone Marrow $20
umeboshi onigiri

Okinawa Yam Pudding $8
mochi, kinako piwder, kokuto syrup
"The last drop is the best drop."

4566 W Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016
(323) 879-9455

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