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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Dear John's@Culver City ★★

Nice Cocktails and Steakhouse from Michelin Chef. Server made great recommendations. Everything was delicious. I am not a meat person, but their steak was moist and tender. Closing for good as of 5/31, 2023 due to lease up. They are still trying to negotiate. They also have their sister restaurant, Dear Jane's, but it's not as good.

I Get a Kick out of You $17
mijenta blanco, los vecinos mezcal, jalapaño, hibiscus, passion fruit, chartreuse

Steak Tartare, Egg Yolk Fritter, Everything Crackers $26

French Onion Soup $16

Special – Smoked Salmon Sashimi Style with Bread

Oysters Rockefeller $18

Interesting Egg Yolk Fritter & Everything Crackers from Steak Tartare

16 oz Ribeye $68 (cooked medium)

Broccolini, Chili, Lemon, Breadcrumbs $13

Truffle Mac 'n Cheese $13

Dear John's
11208 Culver Blvd Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 881-9288

Sunday, May 7, 2023

American Beauty@Venice ★★

Great Food. We ordered all our server's recommendations (see pictures below), and everything was fantastic. All vegetables and Fish were great. Lamp Chop was tender and nice. Just the sauce on the Brussels Sprouts were a bit on the heavy side. I do like their "If You Like Piña Coladas". Alcohol in cocktail is on the stronger side, which I like. It's a better deal. The server told me since it's my birthday, I get to pick the dessert. I thought the dessert was on the house, but we got charged for it. They were not wrong. It was just kind of misleading. Free 1 hour street parking if you can find a spot.

If You Like Piña Coladas $14
house rum blend, pineapple, coconut cream, citrus

Steak Tartare $19
fermented hot sauce, crispy shallot

Grilled Prawns $22
herb butter, lemon

Grilled Lamb Chops $35
tzatziki, harissa, mint

Crispy Brussels Sprouts $15
kimchi aioli, pickled fresno chili, mint

Grilled Orata $37
ajo blanco, grape & leek condiment

Charred Broccolini $13
calabrian chili caesar, parmesan, migas

Molten Chocolate Cake $13
peanut butter, vanilla ice cream

Interior Neon Sign

American Beauty
425 Rose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90291
(310) 412-0075

Monday, May 1, 2023

sawa Uni Night@Little Tokyo ★★★

Fantastic Special Uni Night. Featuring 5 kinds of Uni (including Aka Red Uni and Bafun Uni) from Hokkaido, Sapporo, Hyogo, and Santa Barbara. Fresh uni dishes carefully handcrafted. About 16 courses. Sushi Chef Ryo-san is amazing. Anne the bartending is very nice and sweet. Fun and chill environment. Uni Night Special Omakase Course $350. They may start doing Uni Night once a month on a Monday. Cocktail pairing $45 for 3 glasses, which was a good deal.  5 pm or 8pm time slots. Reservations via Tock. $6 parking (prepare cash) at structure or metered parking outside the building (free after 8pm).

Santa Barbara Uni with Black Truffle Salt

Blue Crystal Shrimp (New Caledonian Shrimp), Nemuro Hokkaido Bafun Uni, paired with Yuzu Martini

1st row (left to right): Bafun Red Uni from Hokkaido, Nemuro Uni from Hokkaido, Santa Barbara Uni
2nd row: Hokkaido Uni with Saltwater, Awaji Uni from Hyogo

Chawanmushi with Fresh Seaweed, Ponzu Sauce, Red Uni from Hokaido, Caviar

Shiso Highball #1 $16

Fried Oyster from Washington, Uni, Onion Sauce

Sea Bream, Red Snapper from Japan (Belly) with Uni from Santa Barbara
horse radish, shiso leaf, shiso flower

Udon with Bafun Red Uni from Hokkaido
heavy cream, dashi, chives, truffle salt, & truffle oil

Blue Crystal Shrimp (New Caledonian Shrimp), Nemuro Hokkaido Bafun Uni, paired with Yuzu Martini
marinated asparagus, uni sauce

Shiso Highball #2 $16

Nodoguro Handroll with Santa Barbara Uni

Japanese Spear Head Squid with Red Uni from Hokkaido, Australia Caviar
yuzu juice

3 Kinds of Tuna: Fatty Tuna, Medium Fatty Tuna, and Lean Tuna Mixed

Tuna Taco: Fatty Tuna, Medium Fatty Tuna, and Lean Tuna Mixed and Santa Barbara Uni
shiso leaf

Uni from Awaji, Hyogo

Uni from Hyogo

Uni from Hokkaido in saltwater

Uni from Sapporo with light sea salt

Nemuro Uni from Hokkaido with light sea salt

Santa Barbara Uni with Black Truffle Salt

Marinated Ikura

Red Uni Handroll

Donburi: Ikura, Uni, Hokkaido Scallop

Egg Drop Soup
shrimp & fish broth

Green Tea Ice Cream for Birthday

Amazing Sushi Chef Ryo-san!

bar sawa
111 San Pedro St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(323) 381-5858

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Cheng Can Mix: Kimetsu No Yaiba Zenitsu Cocktail ★★★

Making up My Own Kimtesu No Yaiba Cocktail Drink inpsired by my favorite character, Zenitsu. 1st time exploring as well. Came out fantastic and very refreshing. Heiwa Shuzo Lemon Sake from Fifth Taste. Recipe below.

Heiwa Shuzo Lemon Sake

Heiwa Shuzo Lemon Sake – 2 parts
Shochu – 1 part
Chrysanthemium Tea – 1 part (can be replaced with any sweet tea, juice, or a little bit of honey/syrup)
8 pieces of Ice (for Zenitsu – if you know, you know)
Gold Flakes for Garnish (optional)

1. Mix all 3 liquids.
2. Add 8 pieces of Ice.
3. Garnish with Gold Flakes on top (optional).

Gold Flakes Detail

All my Ingredients
(Lemon Sake from Fifth Taste, Shochu from Japan, Chrysanthemium Tea from Chinese grocery store)