Tuesday, September 12, 2023

sawa Dassai Pairing@Little Tokyo ★★★

Dassai Pairing Month at sawa. Went with my friend from Dassai. With sushi chefs Ryo-san and Anthony-san present, you get the best of both worlds. Had pairing with 3 kinds of Dassai: Dassai 45, Dassai 39, and Dassai 23. Friendly and fun environment. Omakase $185. Dassai Sake Pairing (September only) $50. Parking at lot $6 cash. Metered parking $4/hr before 8pm.

1st pairing: Dassai 45
rich, structured, full, & fuity

Lynn is amazing

Nice Polishing Ratio Sample Souvenir to take home

New Coasters at sawa

Fried Blue Crystal Shrimp Eggplant

Tasmania Ocean Trout from Australia
cured & smoked for 10 mins, shiso vinaigrette, dehydrated egg yolk, shiso flower

Cured Saba (Japanese Mackarel)
w/ blue cheese & breadcrumbs

Anikimo from Rhode Island w/ Soy Bean Paste & Grated Wasabi

Dassai 39
sweet like nectar

Anikimo from Rhode Island w/ Soy Bean Paste & Grated Wasabi
Paired w/ Yuzu Suntory Haku Cocktail

Aji (Horse Mackerel)

Aoebi (Blue Shrimp)

Suzuki (Sea Bass)
apple & ginger ponzu

Yellow Back Sea Bream w/ Sea Salt

Shima Aji (Striped Mackerel) from Japan w/ Yuzu Kosho

Dassai 23
floral aroma with notes of honey

Ika from Saga, Japan w/ Astrea Caviar

Akami Zuke from Ensenada, Mexico
dry-aged for 5 days

dry-aged for 5 days, marinated for 2 days, smoked w/ cherry

Kanpachi (Amberjack) from Canada

Aka Uni from Hokkaido, Crab from Japan

garlic soy sauce paste

Yaki Scallop from Miyagi, Japan

Somen in Shrimp & Fish Broth

2nd round of soup – rich in shrimp miso flavor

Signature Soy Sauce Cheesecake

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Los Angeles, CA 90012
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